A Lone Loon

Several days ago, I noticed a different, lone water bird swimming towards me on Cambridge Creek.  It was a Common Loon.  A nice migrating visitor!

_DSC0009-1 111018

Common Loon


As I took a few photos, out of the corner of my eye I caught sight of another bird flying by and I changed aim.

_DSC0016-1 111018

Great Blue Heron Fly-By


Oh, get both in one shot!

_DSC0017-1 111018

Most definitely not the image I was trying for!  Ha Ha!


After the Great Blue Heron commotion, the Common Loon continued its course, heading towards and into the marina in front of me.

_DSC0064-1 111018

Marina’s pier pilings & electric power stations reflecting around the Common Loon


_DSC0060-1 111018

Common Loon


The loon was on the other side and began diving, then resurfacing.  I stepped inside and watched, hoping it would come over to my side.

For several minutes I watched the loon making its way around the marina.  He/she finally popped up below me.

_DSC0071-1 111018

Common Loons have beautiful red eyes


Right after the above shot, it dove again.  I went back inside and left the Common Loon to its fishing.

Cool Fact:  A Common Loon can dive as deep as 180 feet and, although dives usually average under a minute, loons have been known to stay underwater for as long as 15 minutes.



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