An Eye of Gold

In my last post I shared some shots of the winter ducks that have arrived at Cambridge’s Choptank River waterfront.  Some of these winter ducks are venturing up Cambridge Creek.  To my delight, some are coming up close enough to my balcony for me to watch and get some nice close-ups.

Because I’ve never had such an opportunity to photograph this duck, the first one I’m sharing is a male Common Goldeneye who has been hanging around the creek and below my balcony since the end of December.  I can’t get enough of him.

Some of my favorite shots so far of this beautiful duck….

_dsc0110-1 123018

Common Goldeneye (male)


When the sun hits just right, the Common Goldeneye’s head casts an iridescent green coloring.

_dsc0021-1 1519

Common Goldeneye (male)


This fella was always providing some pretty water circles and wakes, enticing me to take a lot of photos.


_dsc0113-1 123018

Common Goldeneye (male)


The male’s crisp black and white contrasting feathers on his back is quite striking.

_dsc0009-3 123018

Common Goldeneye (male)


_dsc0016-2 123018

Common Goldeneye (male)



An eye of gold…..

_dsc0122-1 123018

Common Goldeneye (male)


There hasn’t been any sighting on the creek of a female Common Goldeneye, but this male has been friendly and hanging with some other visiting ducks.



44 thoughts on “An Eye of Gold

  1. Such a beautiful duck! In my humble opinion, there is nothing “common” about this Common Goldeye. Thank you for sharing, and I hope your daughter is feeling better ❤

  2. Wow! Lucky you! These are beautiful! My favorite is the 4th one, of the back with the ripples forming a circle around him but they are all wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you Terry! He is skittish here too, no one down below on the walking path can get near him. I have a couple wide pillars on my balcony I can sort of hide behind. 😉

  3. I swear those guys know they are posing! You have nice highlights of the head and I like the circular ripples too! I know you will have fun photographing this entertaining character!

  4. The common golden eyes (male and female) are the first seabirds to arrive to our lake as soon as the ice is breaking up. I love your header, and for a second I thought the goldeneye’s head was a little penguin in his tail-coat and white shirt standing on a stone, haha… 🙂

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