Great Blue Heron Portrait

With a couple of my recent posts featuring Great Blue Herons, I wanted to share another one from last summer, during one of our boat trips up Tuckahoe Creek.  I had set it aside and then over-missed it, tsk tsk.

As we drifted by, I took several beautiful angles of this Great Blue Heron perched on a private dock pier.  He never moved, so it was all about his shaded background line-up that would determine my favorite.

Here’s the one….

_dsc0470-1 72018

Great Blue Heron “Portrait”


We continued on and had stopped for some other wildlife activity when a Great Blue Heron came from behind and flew right past us.

_dsc0515-1 72018

Great Blue Heron


I really don’t know if it was the same Great Blue Heron, it had been an hour since the pier shots; but I did enjoy this one’s fly-by with the subtle shoreline background.

I never tire photographing Great Blue Herons.



39 thoughts on “Great Blue Heron Portrait

    • Thank you, Jane! I am glad you like it. The header GBH head close-up is actually not of the Portrait GBH, but from my header collection. I love that header and the photo I cropped it from. 🙂

    • Thank you, Ted! And I am glad you are partial, I’m enjoying all the nesting behavior shots you’re posting! I’ve only seen the behavior from a distance, so your photos are a treat!

  1. GBHs are the perfect subjects for photos, you can shoot at your own discretion and they won’t really mind posing a bit more…I think they are the most cooperative birds of all. Great shots Donna! 🙂

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