A Pier For The Birds

There is a dilapidated pier in the river jutting out from Key Wallace Drive at Blackwater NWR.  It is a favorite perch for many birds throughout the year, especially cormorants and gulls.

On occasion you might find a surprise perched there.  This past week I was delighted with two surprises.

The first was a majestic Great Blue Heron.

_DSC0076-1 2519

Great Blue Heron


Passing by again two days later, the second surprise, a Bald Eagle.  Such a shame that day was cloudy….

_DSC0210-3 2719

Bald Eagle


_DSC0230-2 2719

Bald Eagle


Two gorgeous surprises each worth the stop to photograph.



37 thoughts on “A Pier For The Birds

  1. You’re very fortunate to have Blackwater NWR close to you my friend. I wish I had one near me. Your pictures are excellent and your subjects are beauties! 🙂

    • A good stop to look for some action, Susan. GBHs are along that stretch of road all the time, I did luck out with a windless day for that GBH. 🙂 That was a big Eagle, wow, maybe it was a female! Thanks Susan and you’re welcome!

  2. Wow Donna! I never saw an Eagle there! A lot of times they are in the trees along the entrance to the Wildlife Drive or flying over the Little Blackwater River as you enter. Fun to see Blackwater NWR through your images!

    • Thank you, Tom. I was very lucky he/she never took flight while I tried to work with different adjustments. We ended up leaving it still perched, probably glad we finally left. 😉

    • Thank you, Denise! I wish I could have stayed put longer for the GBH, but a car was coming, and we were in the road, no pull over. (I shot all of these from my car window.) I’m sorry I didn’t get any wide angle shots to see how the reflection played out.

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