American Robins

One of our first American Robins arrived back for their Spring to Fall residency on February 24.  He sang his praises at 3:30 a.m. that morning outside our bedroom window.  The tree perch enjoyed the most last year is there; so far, it appears to be the same favorite perch again this year.

_DSC0154-1 22619

American Robin


Since that date, the mate has returned as well.  We now have two nature alarm clocks.  I don’t mind waking up to their song around sunrise, but not at 2:15 a.m. and off and on until then!

They did this last year too.  I’ve read that light pollution can confuse Robins and some other birds; our marina and creek are lit up at night so this makes sense.  I’m guessing they take great afternoon naps.

It’s been difficult trying to get a photo of one of them because of all the branches on the tree.  I lucked out finally a couple weeks ago.

_DSC0006-1 31019

American Robin


_DSC0019-1 31019

“Singing A Song”
(at a more appropriate time of day!)


Yesterday I watched one of them foraging below me in the mulch.  Missed the shots on the little worms he was finding, but did like this direct-down shot.

_DSC0330-1 32919

American Robin


This morning they started at 2:25 a.m.  I love my birds, but……come on!  I need my beauty sleep, Mr. Robin!  😉



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