American Robins

One of our first American Robins arrived back for their Spring to Fall residency on February 24.  He sang his praises at 3:30 a.m. that morning outside our bedroom window.  The tree perch enjoyed the most last year is there; so far, it appears to be the same favorite perch again this year.

_DSC0154-1 22619

American Robin


Since that date, the mate has returned as well.  We now have two nature alarm clocks.  I don’t mind waking up to their song around sunrise, but not at 2:15 a.m. and off and on until then!

They did this last year too.  I’ve read that light pollution can confuse Robins and some other birds; our marina and creek are lit up at night so this makes sense.  I’m guessing they take great afternoon naps.

It’s been difficult trying to get a photo of one of them because of all the branches on the tree.  I lucked out finally a couple weeks ago.

_DSC0006-1 31019

American Robin


_DSC0019-1 31019

“Singing A Song”
(at a more appropriate time of day!)


Yesterday I watched one of them foraging below me in the mulch.  Missed the shots on the little worms he was finding, but did like this direct-down shot.

_DSC0330-1 32919

American Robin


This morning they started at 2:25 a.m.  I love my birds, but……come on!  I need my beauty sleep, Mr. Robin!  😉



41 thoughts on “American Robins

  1. Great pictures Donna! It’s funny about robins – we seem to have some in flocks all winter long – whether just passing through or not I’m never sure. We have a mockingbird pair that nest in our yard, as well as brown thrashers, and now in our back yard we have our regular downy woodpecker pair, and as of last week a bluebird pair. But no robin pair that we can ‘identify’. I am getting as many pictures as I can now before the leaves fill in the bare branches and make pictures even more of a challenge. Keep sharing your pictures. I love them. By the way, Betty and Barney were mating on the osprey platform just as I was taking pictures.

    • Thank you, Susan! Yes, Robins flock during the winter and really don’t migrate from our area. They go to areas where huge amounts of berries are to eat. Once Spring occurs, they go into breeding mode and separate, obviously becoming territorial during that time. Glad to hear your Spring pairs are returning! And WOOHOO Betty & Barney!!

  2. Yes, they do keep us awake, but will be happy to hear and see my first this year. They have arrived, or overwintered. I haven’t seen or heard one yet, but my friends have. Soon…Saw my first geese, up on the roof honking at each other.

  3. Beautiful pictures! Our neighborhood robins have just started singing too. I suspect our houses are too close together and there’s no tree immediately outside my bedroom window so I can’t say I have ever had a robin wake me up although on rare occasions when I have to get up hours before dawn I have heard a robin singing. Or maybe I’m just such a sound sleeper nothing wakes me up. I do have a pair that comes back to my yard every year but I have no idea where they nest. Maybe I can figure that out this year, if I ever get the time to sit around and observe them. 🙂

    • Thank you, Lisa! Would you believe one 3:00ish a.m. I got up and went out on my balcony and said semi-quietly, “Hey there, I’m trying to sleep”. He stopped! Until an hour later, ha ha.

      • I believe it. I used to get Ring-Billed Gulls to shut up when I was feeding them in the park years ago and they would be quiet for awhile and then start up all over again. 🙂

  4. I have a mockingbird that starts the morning serenade early, but not at 2:15 AM! I enjoy the different songs and think a cat meow has been added, also. I have an iron gate that squeeks and several times now I have heard the “gate squeek” but no one is there. Could it be a new part of the mockinbird serenade? I am thinking maybe yes! ope you can get a nap or maybe tiny eye masks for the birds. hugs

    • Mockingbirds are another bird that will sing through the night. How funny about the squeaky gate, I bet he picked it up too in his songs. I read where someone had a mockingbird that barked like a dog. Now that would be something to hear, lol. Tiny eye masks, that’s what I’ll get them! Nice to hear from you, Beth, hugs back at you!

  5. While you hear birds singing to you in the morning, I hear many birds yelling: “Where is breakfast?
    No, seriously, they sing but the trees absorb most of the sound, besides, my windows are double pane that muffle the sound. Great shots my friend… 🙂

  6. Excellent captures Donna. I have been seeing Robins too … even though it is still snowing here. They are eating some leftover berries on one of my flowering trees. I think it is some kind of cherry tree.

  7. Such beautiful birds, althought it must be frustrating to lose beauty sleep! The green pheasant (Japan’s national bird) has entered the “season of love” and the males make shrill calls starting at 3am. So these lovely neighbors have been waking us up very early too. I feel your pain! 😀

  8. Your Robin has gained my interest, I would love to hear its call. We have so many different varieties of Robin, but we do remember the constant singing of the English Robin when we were in Britain during a Summer. Thanks for sharing your Robin Donna.

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