Lesser Scaup

The last of the beautiful winter ducks have departed the Chesapeake Bay region, leaving a few stragglers here and there for whatever reasons.

The most of any one winter duck visiting in our local area were Lesser Scaup.Β  I got so many wonderful captures of them, it was hard cutting down my final ones to these.

_DSC0072-1 22619

Lesser Scaup males vying for a female’s attention


_DSC0122-1 12019.jpg

Female Lesser Scaup and her entourage


_DSC0163-1 31519

Lesser Scaup (female)


_DSC0187-1 31519

Lesser Scaup (male)


The United States harbors Lesser Scaup year-round in parts of Washington and Oregon, but the rest of the country’s winter visiting Lesser Scaup migrate back to breed in Montana, Wyoming, and Canada.


Lesser Scaup in flight


_DSC0029-1 22619.jpg

Lesser Scaup landing


_DSC0094-1 22619

Lesser Scaup landing


_DSC0042-1 22619

Lesser Scaup landing


Lesser Scaup taking off at sunset


Female Lesser Scaup landing with reflections


Female Lesser Scaup landing with reflections


Male Lesser Scaup landing


_DSC0192-1 31519

Lesser Scaup (male) coming in for a landing


_DSC0193-2 31519Lesser Scaup (male) preparing to land


_DSC0194-1 31519

Lesser Scaup (male) landing


Lesser Scaup are the most abundant diving duck in North America, with a breeding population estimated at 3.8 million.


Male Lesser Scaup “popping back up” from a dive for food


Way too many photos, sorry!

_DSC0114-1 31519

“Yes, Donna, too many photos!”


_DSC0126-1 31519

Lesser Scaup (male)


_DSC0125-1 21919

Lesser Scaup (male)


How nice to know they will be back late Fall the end of this year!



48 thoughts on “Lesser Scaup

  1. Too many photos? Not at all, Donna! These little ducks are so beautiful. The female must be a great catch considering her entourage. πŸ˜¬πŸ˜ŽπŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜

  2. Fantastic photos, Donna. Interesting info about the lesser scaups, too. How nice that you still have a small population to enjoy before they migrate. Really like the landing shots of the scaups here, especially that one with all four in a row preparing to land. Also great photos of the males vying for the females. Thanks so much.

    • Thank you, Jet, and you’re welcome! I had a great time with the Lesser Scaup. With Spring here, the swift change of bird species is happening quickly. It’s another wonderful start of another season of change. πŸ™‚

  3. So many terrific portrait and action shots for me to pick a favorite Donna!! That being said, your flight shots (especially the last few “coming in for a landing”) are especially outstanding! Love the tack sharp, brilliant yellow eye and the contrasting color of the purple head.

    • Thank you, Steve! I had a lot of fun with these little ducks and those gorgeous blue bills & bright yellow eyes. And you know me loving the challenge of flight! πŸ™‚ There are still two males hanging here at the end of our creek, I’m not sure why they haven’t left.

  4. Donna, these are beautiful, and I totally understand the ‘waaay too many photos’, as I have the same problem. How to pick just a handful is impossible when they are all so beautiful and full of action! Great job! As of today we have a remaining pair of ruddy ducks and a couple of horned grebes, but I think our lesser scaups have finally departed. Thanks, as always, for sharing!

    • Thank you, Susan, we have such a hard life when it comes to picking photos, huh?!! πŸ™‚ Ruddy Ducks, cool! I saw one of our grebes few days ago and there are two male Lesser Scaup hanging around us in the creek, they are puzzling me on why they haven’t left yet.

  5. Donna, I love all of the in flight shots you captured…so beautiful! You are very talented!

  6. What fun photographing these Lesser Scaups! I like the shot of the one female being trailed by the 3 Drakes, leaving those patterns from the wakes. but can’t forget the close-ups and the reflections as they come into the water.

  7. Great shots Donna! That blue bill is so much like the one on our Blue-billed Duck male, though the duck itself is quite different. The Blue-billed Ducked is very very shy of humans, and keeps a long distance making it very difficult to photograph, but your Lesser Scaup seem to be quite settled to have you nearby.

    • Thank you, Ashley! I’ve been surprised by our Lesser Scaup in the creek, they have grown accustomed somewhat to their surroundings, but are skittish when someone comes walking nearby. My vantage point on my balcony serves me well! πŸ˜‰

  8. Gorgeous photo sad always Donna.i particularly loved the one of the female Lesser Scaup and her entourage – those herringbone ripples behind all the ducks are just gorgeous.

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