Gull Chasing Gull

When one gull finds a snack, one or more gulls, of course, will give chase to try to snatch it.  They usually have a few loud ‘words’ to say as well.

_DSC0205-2 123018

Gull Chasing Gull With Snack


It’ll require a smart aerial move to outsmart the snack possessor whose plan is to not give it up.

Maybe something like this?

_DSC0206-1 123018

“I’ll Take That”


Nope, he missed.  The smarter snack possessor out-maneuvered the chaser’s attempt.

This action goes on often when they flock into the creek.  Fun stuff to watch, listen, and even try to shoot.  I got lucky here.  🙂



28 thoughts on “Gull Chasing Gull

  1. It definitely is fun watching seagulls chase each other for food. It’s equally fun to watch them play musical pilings. I am often amazed that one will approach a piling and the seagull on the piling will so willingly leave it and head to another (occupied) piling and the switch goes on and on. Very rarely do I see a ‘piling sitter’ refuse to give up his perch. They sure are entertaining!

  2. Great shots. Donna! The gulls have a predilection to steal food from others or among themselves. 🙂

  3. Seagulls are amusing creatures. They adapt perfectly, watching for the right opportunity for a fisherman to turn away and then SWOOP in! Nice post in seagulls Donna 🙂

    • Thank you, Al! A secret…..I just love to hear the gulls bickering and calling! They remind me of my childhood days at the beaches and boardwalks along Delaware and Maryland. 🙂

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