American Robin: Proud Profile

The American Robin chicks have grown and should be flying now.  Their parents are still around, singing their songs and possibly preparing for a “Round 2” brood.

One favorite perch is a sailboat mast directly out in front of my balcony.  We’re almost at the same level, eye to eye.

DSC_9491-1 61019

“Singing Cheerfully”


DSC_9489-1 61019



You might see a few more of this handsome fella this season.  I think we’ve become buddies!



44 thoughts on “American Robin: Proud Profile

  1. I love the first photo! It’s very well composed. The lines in the image (poles, railing) create a grid pattern. The robin is placed nicely in the second quadrant of the “graphic design.” Really great image!

  2. This Robing has got personality plus! You have captured it well. They start singing at 3 in the morning and sometimes I am still up then, but I feel happy when I hear them sing. Thanks for posting this, I never get tired of hearing or seeing them.

    • Yes he is! He likes to start outside our bedroom window at 4:00 am, sometimes 3:30. It’s never totally dark along there with the marina lights, so I think that causes more confusion maybe. 🙂

    • Thank you, Reed! I stand at my balcony with my tripod and he sings on along like I am not there. Then, poof, he decides to fly. I haven’t gotten a decent enough shot to share of the take-off, I never expect it, lol.

  3. When I first saw these as a tourist (actually as a trailing spouse) on the front lawn of the White House I asked them what species. The answer was “merkin rubbin” – a disturbing concept…

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