Juvenile Bald Eagle Goes Fishing

Enjoying a slow boat cruise up Tuckahoe Creek afforded me one of those priceless photo opportunity moments, and it involved a three year old juvenile Bald Eagle.

He didn’t care about us or any priceless moments.  He was fishing.

DSC_2384-1 7219

“Eagle Eye on the Prize”


DSC_2393-2 7219

“Talons Doing The Work”


DSC_2394-3 7219

“Fishing Success”


He flew directly up into a tree with his meal as we drifted on by.

DSC_2412-2 7219

“A Meal For One”


DSC_2416-1 7219

“Dinner Time”


DSC_2421-1 7219

“Almost An Adult”


I keep saying that going slow on our boat is just as much fun as going fast.  I think this series proves my case!  😉



43 thoughts on “Juvenile Bald Eagle Goes Fishing

  1. These photos are front seat category, excellent! I wish I had a boat and a deep creek and…Etc. Etc.
    Good job my friend. 🙂

  2. Beautiful views, and I laughed when reading that the young eagle “did not care” about human admirers and special moments. Yes, that describes birds indeed 😀 😀

    • Thank you, Takami! If birds would only listen to some of our pleas….. “come on, just turn your head a little more to give me that eye glint…..” 😀 Maybe sometimes they do listen, like a cat, lol, and ignore us. 😊 I can’t complain, and I do hope the birds here my vocal heart-felt “thank you” after an awesome photo op moment!

      • Yes, yes, they are like cats – it’s a conspiracy to frustrate photographers 😀
        Like you, I also say a sincere “thank you” from the bottom of my heart after each photo moment. Hopefully they understand (and will allow me another opportunity in the future) 🙂

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