“Christmas in July” Chesapeake Bay Cormorant-Style

A “decorated” channel marker appeared off in the distance on the Chesapeake Bay.

DSC_4511-1 71519

Double-crested Cormorants on a Chesapeake Bay channel marker


The symmetry “tree” caught my eye.

DSC_4532-1 71519.jpg

“Enjoying A Day On The Bay”


My rendition of “Christmas In July” Chesapeake Bay Cormorant-style!



42 thoughts on ““Christmas in July” Chesapeake Bay Cormorant-Style

  1. Good one Donna! An attractive bird. Does the Coast Guard not mind the birds pooing on the buoy? I was wondering why the buoys don’t have that sharp spiky stuff on them?

    • Thank you, John! Nah, a little poop doesn’t hurt. Actually, in Maryland around the Chesapeake Bay, it’s deterred in using spikes on buoys, markers, and pilings due to the dangers. Contrary to advertised statements, they can injure birds. 😒

  2. Ooooh.. these are wonderful! “Enjoying a Day on the Bay” — hahaha! The “decorated” channel marker reminds me of a candle where the wax has overflowed the sides. Definitely festive!

  3. Priceless analogy, you can even see the white “tinsel” hanging off the bottom branches. I find these birds fascinating, especially to hear their grunting sounds. when I went to a friends cottage, he referred to them as dirty birds, being greedy fishers. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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