Green Heron – On The Move

What fun the Green Herons have been this summer!

Here’s another action series of an early morning Green Heron who flew in and landed on a dock line below me, then continued making his way to the dock.  He played in-and-out-of-the-shade on me!


DSC_8673-1 8619

Green Heron – “Dropping in”



DSC_8677-1 8619

Green Heron – “Contemplating The Next Move”



DSC_8681-1 8619

Green Heron – “Struttin’ Down the Line”



DSC_8683-1 8619

Green Heron – “A Hop To The Dock”



DSC_8686-2 8619

Green Heron – “Shadow Play I”



DSC_8687-2 8619

Green Heron – “Shadow Play II”




Green Heron -“Stop. Look. Listen.”

(Not knowing I was there, he’s finally heard my camera…)



DSC_8696-1 8619

Green Heron – “Neck Stretch” or “Did I hear something over there?”



DSC_8699-1 8619

Green Heron – “Oh, There You Are!”

(I have been spotted!)



He tried, but with the tide not low enough for him to get under the docks, the Green Heron took off again across the creek to try and find a better fishing spot.  And no annoying cameras, I’m guessing…..



DSC_8708-2 8619

Green Heron – “Flight Reflection”




41 thoughts on “Green Heron – On The Move

  1. Handsome fellow! He’s checking you out too! You got close, he checked the distance on the last shot.
    Great photos, Donna, 🙂

    • Thank you, Steve! Yes, love that sunlight and eye glint! I was disappointed he went into the shade, but I kept on shooting to see how I’d do with jumping to shade so quickly. 🙂

  2. Great colours and markings, this series satisfied my curiosity I can see why someone could mistake a fly-by for a Black-Crowned Night Heron or even an American Bittern, so it is nice to see your photos with still and close-up shots. Some of the poses are comical, and evident that you are looking at him and he is looking right back at you!

    • Thank you, Jane, it was a fun few minutes. I couldn’t believe s(he) didn’t see me standing there, they usually do. I could tell he was looking for the click sound of my camera and when he spotted me, I thought it was adorable. 🙂

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