Close-ups Of An Eagle Fly-By

Yesterday I had a fantastic, all-day photography adventure with two destinations, one of which was a late afternoon, three-hour visit to Blackwater NWR.  (More on the other destination, Poplar Island, soon!)

At Blackwater, I had a thrill with this gorgeous Bald Eagle fly-by.  I had already sighted it perched in the distance and was taking a shot of a Great Blue Heron when I heard another Eagle call out.  I turned and saw this Eagle taking flight and head towards me.

I took a series of 28 photos; here’s a mini-feel of this majestic bird passing you by at close-range.


DSC_3951-1 92019

“Bald Eagle Fly-By I”



DSC_3954-2 92019

“Bald Eagle Fly-By II”



DSC_3960-1 92019

“Bald Eagle Fly-By III”


I kept shooting as it headed to the refuge’s Osprey webcam platform and landed…..for the world to now see up close.


DSC_3971-1 92019

Bald Eagle coming in for a landing on Blackwater NWR’s Osprey webcam platform
(a favorite fall/winter Eagle perch during the fall/winter months)


If you’re interested, click HERE to see this live-streaming Osprey webcam.  There just could be an Eagle, hawk, heron, or one of numerous small birds perched!   🙂



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