Close-ups Of An Eagle Fly-By

Yesterday I had a fantastic, all-day photography adventure with two destinations, one of which was a late afternoon, three-hour visit to Blackwater NWR.  (More on the other destination, Poplar Island, soon!)

At Blackwater, I had a thrill with this gorgeous Bald Eagle fly-by.  I had already sighted it perched in the distance and was taking a shot of a Great Blue Heron when I heard another Eagle call out.  I turned and saw this Eagle taking flight and head towards me.

I took a series of 28 photos; here’s a mini-feel of this majestic bird passing you by at close-range.


DSC_3951-1 92019

“Bald Eagle Fly-By I”



DSC_3954-2 92019

“Bald Eagle Fly-By II”



DSC_3960-1 92019

“Bald Eagle Fly-By III”


I kept shooting as it headed to the refuge’s Osprey webcam platform and landed…..for the world to now see up close.


DSC_3971-1 92019

Bald Eagle coming in for a landing on Blackwater NWR’s Osprey webcam platform
(a favorite fall/winter Eagle perch during the fall/winter months)


If you’re interested, click HERE to see this live-streaming Osprey webcam.  There just could be an Eagle, hawk, heron, or one of numerous small birds perched!   🙂



36 thoughts on “Close-ups Of An Eagle Fly-By

  1. Bald Eagle series I the curve of the left wing, the spread eagle right wing, the lighting…Oh My… and then there were II and III…they are overwhelmingly, stunningly, beautiful! Thanks for sharing, Donna

  2. Beautiful shots, and what a thrill that must have been. I was driving home down rt 8 last week and a bald eagle was sitting eating a dead raccoon by the side of the road. I went home and got my camera and went back. He was still there and by then had been joined by a few black vultures. My shots are really, really close-up, but an eagle eating a dead raccoon isn’t nearly as pretty as an eagle in flight! 🙂

    • Thank you, Susan, it was that RPRT moment. Not as pretty BUT it’s still a great action/behavior shot to see an Eagle ‘dining’. I’ve got quite a few of those kinds of shots myself over the years. 🙂

  3. What a gorgeous bird! Fantastic shots! What a great opportunity. Thank you. my friend. 🙂

    • Thank you, Takami, it was! As (s)he landed on the platform and called out, the mate was in the air chasing away another Eagle. I saw six Eagles at once at that time. Thrilling for sure!

      • 6 eagles!! That truly must have been exciting. Although there is some “empty nest syndrome” after the departure of the Osprey family, I am very happy you can continue to enjoy Birdwatching 🙂 🦅

  4. A wonderful photo opportunity Donna! It appears that the Osprey pad has become like a bird stage for you, God brings the birds to you because you so appreciate his beautiful creations.

  5. I clicked onto that link Donna. No raptors but lots of chirping,croaking ……and its night time too! I like this set up! If I could I’d like to install a few of these here in Tofino! I’ve even thought of a name “Tofino Eagle Cams” TEC
    Your the only other person other than myself that studies them daily.Great work Donna!

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