South Carolina Wildlife Calendar

While vacationing at Garden City, South Carolina, I had come across the South Carolina Wildlife/Hampton Wildlife Fund Photo Contest, hosted by the SC DNR.

I entered a few photos I had taken, one being the following for their “Recreation” category.


Wadsley 01 Surf Fishing at Garden City Beach

“Surf Fishing at Garden City”


So I didn’t win any awards, and that was okay.Β  The winning captures were stunning and I could see quite difficult to beat.Β  πŸ™‚

A month ago, I received a large envelope from SC DNR that included their 2019-2020 Wildlife calendar just released.Β  Awesome cover shot!


DSC_6852-1 SC calendar


No letter or anything else, just the calendar.Β  Hmmmm….

I reviewed the calendar, and oohed and aahed again at the winning photos.

As I reached the inside back cover of the calendar, I instantly saw my photo.   😲   Yes, the one of the fisherman above.


DSC_6858-1 SC calendar

South Carolina DNR Wildlife Calendar back inside cover – my photo and credit!


I still made the calendar!Β  WOW!Β  How cool is that!!

There was a photo contest rule, “a photo entry may still be selected to appear in the annual South Carolina Wildlife July-August calendar issue or other editions.Β  Photographers will receive a copy of the issue if their photo has been selected.”

And that, my friends, is my five minutes of fame!  😊



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