Great Blue Heron in a Pine Tree

I was surprised several people strolled along the boardwalk in front of me and walked right by this Great Blue Heron without even noticing him/her.

But, of course, I did.  😊


DSC_7725-1 8519

Great Blue Heron



34 thoughts on “Great Blue Heron in a Pine Tree

  1. Great capture, Donna, and nicely spotted ! I love the pine background.

    I see folks passing by without looking around all the time when I’m out in nature Sadly, it doesn’t surprise me any more.

  2. Great picture Donna! I’m always surprised to see those big herons so high up in trees, and surprised that the limbs support their weight. The fact that someone walking right by didn’t notice the heron reminds of a Delmarva Birding weekend we did two years ago when we were out on a boat tour going along the shore of Assateague Island. From our boat we were all thrilled to see a snowy owl sitting on a dune on the beach. And walking right along a few feet away was a couple who were so intent on their conversation that they failed to notice it. I would have given anything to have been as close as they were. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Susan! I know, and then they spring/launch off of them and the branch doesn’t break. OMgosh I’d have given anything to have been that close to a SOwl too! I bet that SOwl chuckled! πŸ˜‰

  3. That is so funny, or maybe a little sad. I watched a Swainson’s Hawk repeatedly swoop down to just inches above a fellow’s head as he was walking down the trail, totally oblivious to the hawks antics.

  4. Ah yes, my husband and I observe this “phenomenon” here too. We have seen folks walk past larger birds such as this one – completely oblivious to such beauty while they are staring at their smart phones. I am sure this GBH appreciated your quiet admiration πŸ™‚

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