Chesapeake Bay Sea Nettles – Water Ballet II

I previously shared photos and information on Chesapeake Bay Sea Nettles that had suddenly appeared in large numbers in Cambridge Creek back in September.   (previous post here)

Most of the Sea Nettles didn’t stay but a few days before the tides carried them away to new destinations.  Luckily a few big ones remained for a week or more, so I continued to photograph them when they were gliding at the top of the water near me.

Shade and overcast days worked best, as well as early morning when the water was usually calm.

I hope you enjoy another photo series of “Sea Nettle Water Ballet”.


Chesapeake Bay Sea Nettles “Water Ballet”


I thought this next especially large sea nettle with 6-8 foot tentacles gave an appearance of a bride.   What do you think?  😊


“Here Comes The Bride”



46 thoughts on “Chesapeake Bay Sea Nettles – Water Ballet II

  1. Wow! They are beautiful, Bride and all! We didn’t have anything like that in our cove this season – but I’m not unhappy about that. 🙂

  2. Beautiful photos Donna! I agree, looks a bit like a bride, so elegant looking yet a bit scary too. I bet they will sting you badly…

  3. These are amazing creatures very different from what we usually see daily. They appear beautiful but they are carrying a tremendous amount of toxic poison. They do make fantastic subjects to photograph. 🙂

    • Thank you, HJ! They are quite mesmerizing as they pulsate ever so slowly. Great subject for that but they definitely give a powerful sting to humans if touched. I’ve never been stung by one, but I’ve been with others who have, it appeared the pain is excruciating.

  4. I didn’t know what you were talking about. They are stunningly beautiful! Do you have to go out of your way to avoid them when swimming, for fear of being stung?

    • Thank you, Jane! Yes, if they touch you, they will sting you. It’s a fact jellyfish exist at least 2/3’s up the Chesapeake Bay so they can be anywhere out there, wherever the tides carry them. It’s a matter of keeping an eye out for them, usually it’s just one to avoid. I’ve never been stung but I’ve seen people who have, it’s like being burned and very painful.

    • Thank you, Lisa! I was absolutely amazed when I downloaded my first series for my Water Ballet I post. It took another overcast day to get any more for this post. The contrast with the water and the nettles floating sideways near the top was the key I found out. 🙂

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