December’s Full Moon, Three-Quarter Moon & Venus

My plan was to shoot this month’s full moon (the “Cold Moon”) in the early morning hours.  I was happy to be reminded when blogger friend, Vic, mentioned it last night in a comment.  And then I still missed it.

Well, almost.  I overslept and literally jumped up and quickly looked out my window to locate the moon.  It was already dropping behind the tree line across the lake.


DSC_6021-1 121219

Full Moon morning setting December 12, 2019


And you know, when either the sun or moon are dropping out of sight, they sink fast.

I knew I didn’t have time to set up my tripod when I saw it.  I quickly went outside and shot hand-held.


DSC_6030-1 121219

Full Moon morning setting December 12, 2019, one minute later


So it wasn’t what I planned, I had wanted to be up hours earlier.  I decided to still share these for those looking at December’s full moon shots today.

And darn it, I had actually been practicing with night photography the past couple weeks on my tripod.  So since we’re on the subject of the moon, I’ll share my best one from those practices.


DSC_5841-5 12519

Moon – December 5, 2019


That night, I also did my best shot ever of the planet, Venus, shining brightly off towards the horizon.


DSC_5915-1 12519

Venus – December 5, 2019
(70-200m, 1×7 teleconverter full frame shot on a tripod)


I took the above shot and cropped it considerably for the next photo.  I am very pleased with my best focused shot of Venus to date.


DSC_5915-3 12519

Venus – December 5, 2019


The planet Venus is about 25 million miles (40 million kilometers) away from Earth.



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