Bald Eagle


Honestly, I was expecting to see a lot of Bald Eagles in Florida, but that hasn’t been the case.  I had only seen one immature Eagle in flight and it was at a distance so my photo wasn’t the greatest.

Finally, last week luck was on my side.  Hiking alone, I heard an Eagle call out.  Scanning the sky and trees, I sighted a nest with the Eagle inside.

It wasn’t an easy photo to get in position with all the trees; this was the best I could do.


DSC_0756-1 2620

Bald Eagle Nest with Eagle inside feeding young


The Bald Eagle never stood up tall enough for me to get a good photo of it.  Needing a walking break, I decided to hang around for a bit to see if the Eagle became more visible, while enjoying the solitude and tropical beauty surrounding me.

My break paid off.   Twelve minutes later, the Bald Eagle left the nest and perched on one of the outer branches in the same tree.


DSC_0814-5 2620

Bald Eagle


“In order to see birds, it is necessary to become part of the silence.”  ~ Robert Lynd



56 thoughts on “Bald Eagle

  1. Nice capture. With the exception of one spot I find Eagles and Osprey (not on a nest) much more difficult to work with in the south. My theory is they have much more land and space to avoid people. Particularly Eagles since they are shy to begin with. Again, good catch.

  2. Your patience was rewarded! Beautiful shot! Robert Lynd’s comment is so true – you need to be alone when you go birding, especially to get pictures. A chattering group of people is death to finding any birds. However a group of quiet pairs of eyes can increase the likelihood of spotting them, especially if you are with a bunch of prose like Judy Wink at CBEC.

  3. Really appreciated the birding aspect of this photo success, Donna — of looking and listening, recognizing the call, then locating the bird, then waiting. What a fantastic pose you were rewarded with, and an exquisite photo. Liked the quote too.

  4. Patience Pays Off! You waited, and the eagle responded. The application is almost too obvious that I hesitate to write it, but I must… Isaiah 40:31 “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles.” I’m facing a tough time right now at my job that I want to pack it all up and shout “I quit!” But with a wife and two kids, I know I can’t do that. So this training we get from being wildlife photographers (patience) is a blessing. Even in the midst of frustrating times, when we want to quit, if we will just hold on a little bit longer, “the eagle” will present Himself and our patience pays off. Hang in there, all of you weathering a storm! The Lord will appear and renew our strength. And you will rise up on powerful wings like Donna’s magnificent eagle in this post! William

    • Thank you, William! Birds have been a blessing in my life, teaching me strength, courage, and most definitely patience. I truly wish I had found the time many years ago to seek out wildlife as a way of bringing my life back into perspective. Stay true to the Word while facing your job’s woes, I am sure the One above is watching over you, William!

  5. Yesterday, my hubby was dropping me back to work after our Valentine’s lunch and I as I was getting out of the car, 4 osprey were chasing a mature bald eagle at a pretty low altitude behind our building where there is a cell tower and the osprey have their nest. They come back every year. I guess that bald eagle got a little too close which means there are eggs or chicks already in the nest. Couldn’t imagine there would be that much defensive if there weren’t. It was awesome! Of course my camera was sitting at home.

    • That is how it is. If I go hiking and don’t have my camera, I tell my daughter, “we are going to see something cool today.” But if I carry that 600mm lens all day, not even a squirrel will show its face!

    • Awesome sighting, Lisa! I am certainly enjoying Florida’s Osprey. Back home on the Chesapeake Bay, our Osprey migrate the end of the summer and don’t return back until mid-March. I’ve got several established nests I’m watching now here around Everglades City, and there’s always an Osprey on the nest so I too figured there’s eggs already. I’ve missed my Osprey pair, Bella & Beau (I posted weekly on their season last two years). B&B should be thinking about leaving South America now and getting ready to head back home for another season. Maybe they will fly over me for a photo shoot and say “Hi” when passing over on their way home! 😉 hee hee

  6. You may remember back before I moved, I had discovered a bald eagle’s nest. Looks like you’re having the same challenge I did trying to get sightings of the raising of the eaglets. They don’t exactly put them in handy places for eager photographers. 😂

    • I remember! Down here in Florida, they and the Osprey are harder to see/find their nests than home, they are so widespread in territories here I’m guessing. No, they don’t make it easy for us! 😂

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