Common Ground Doves and Magnificent Frigatebirds – Two New Lifers

What fun to get to share two new lifers #198 and #199 to my photographed bird list.  😊

Lucky #198 is the Common Ground Dove, one of the smallest doves in North America.  It is about the same size as a Song Sparrow and is common across the southernmost parts of the United States from California to Florida.  We have a pair visiting our RV resort daily; all along I thought it was a sparrow, finally paid a little more attention, and here it was a lifer.  Geez Donna!  I got it now!!  😉

Common Ground Doves


Reaching the last of the climb to 200 is #199, the Magnificent Frigatebird, a large, black pterodactyl-like bird that spends most of its life flying effortlessly over the ocean, using its deeply forked tail to steer.  It is also sometimes called the “man-o-war bird” as they steal food from other birds in midair.

We escaped the past week to Key West for some fun, and it was a delight to watch the Magnificent Frigatebirds soar daily over Sunset Key.  Sigh, if only I had my long lens, that had to be nixed due to packing light…..never again.

Magnificent Frigatebirds


Hey, two lifers, ching ching!  Bringing me finally to that magical 200 mark that seems to have taken forever to achieve.

But no need to wish me luck…..wink-wink.  Next post!



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