Great Egrets Pair


I loved this sighting of a pair of Great Egret atop a tree.

Maybe they’re deciding if this tree is the perfect location for their nest.  🙂


DSC_7676-1 32620

Great Egrets


Or maybe it’s a date with social distancing!  😉



42 thoughts on “Great Egrets Pair

  1. You could get the impression they are forming a relationship. After all it is Spring in your neck of the woods, and the male on the left has breeding plumage. Yes, could also be social distancing, wondering how they are going to procreate with these tough new measures in place. Lovely shot Donna worthy of a wall. :-).

      • Just as an aside. Did you see the pictures from my Oberland Day 6? I’ve been advised that the images didn’t appear in the email (and you didn’t comment, yet anyway, like on the first few days), so I wondered if you thought I’d forgotten to add them. They are there if you click on the title link. (I’m on to the Happiness Engineers right now to find out why the email had the images chopped off).

        • Just checked, I did get an email for Day 6 this morning, I always go directly to the post, going there now……brief hold….. 😉

          Photos loaded fine on your blog, Mike! Going back to it now. 🙂

      • Hi Donna, thanks for the reply. I know the photos load in the website OK, though they usually appear in the email – as well as the text. Last time (if not one or two times before that) only the text appeared in the email. I’d be interested to know if you used to get the pictures, and what happens now, as the person that mentioned it is not a WordPress user but an email follower. Thanks. 👨

        • I luckily still had your email notifications since “Day 1-2” in my trash bin.

          Day 1-2 – no photos
          Day 3 – yes
          Day 4 – yes
          Day 5 – no
          Day 6 – ? I know I had it, but can’t find it so not sure

          I never paid attention to what email notifications contained below the title. So I just investigated many I get and they are all different. Some show photos, some just words, some just a few words and a link to “read more” (I saw mine does that).

          I save my email notifications until read, and always click on the title and go directly to the blog. I’m particular, I do not like WP reader nor would just want to view email photos. I want to see the photos big and beautiful on my laptop screen! 🙂 Yours were superb from your glacier trek adventure!!!

  2. I like this photo! There’must be a reason for two egrets looking at each other at eye level. Are they a couple? Are they rivals? Are they wooing each other? Perhaps the next picture that you shot will show the real reason.
    Your skills as a photographer are evident here. Good job, Donna. 🙂 👍

    • Thank you, HJ! They stayed right there and started slowly turning their heads to look at me, as if to let me know I was interrupting them. lol I don’t think rivals; you know me, I love romance, they were a couple! 😊

  3. Giggle! I just love your sense of humor Donna! We all need a smile right now…and to see your beautiful pictures! Thanks!

    • Thank you, Carol! If I can make another person smile or giggle, then it makes my day even more special. I’m smiling back at you! 😊
      P.S. I shot this photo at 10000 Islands the day before you and I went there.

  4. Gorgeous shot!! Can you imagine if they had just dropped their bills a tad, they could have formed a heart shape?! But… social distancing!!! 😀

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