Brown Pelican – Rubbin’ Its Noggin


Even birds get an itch they need to scratch.  But how?

Not a problem for this Brown Pelican!


(click on first photo to run through the action)

Brown Pelican – Rubbing/Scratching Its Head
That had to feel good!


Out of that series, I’m sharing one of the photos again with a closer crop.  It deserved a caption…..


DSC_7166-2 11220

“Good Grief”


I’m sure there’s more captions perfect for this silly shot!



51 thoughts on “Brown Pelican – Rubbin’ Its Noggin

  1. Fantastic pictures! My what moves that bird made, just to scratch an itch. I’m almost surprised he didn’t lift a foot to do the scratching, as I have seen so many herons and egrets do. I guess the feet aren’t long enough?? Thanks for sharing.

  2. All are excellent photos, Donna! Super sharp and perfect color.
    Of course, the guy reminded me of myself, after I eat an icy “slurpy” too fast! 🙂

    • Thank you! After 10 years of photographing them, the birds have taught me patience, which was something I needed to learn. I think egrets and herons can out-patience me though! 🙂

  3. Caption game is on point Donna. I like seeing wildlife through your eyes. The last picture of the pelican is so relatable.

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