Tricolored Heron – Preening

Prior to this past winter vacation in Florida, I’ve not had many other opportunities in photographing Tricolored Herons; so any time I saw one in the past few months, I tried capturing as many photos as I could of this gorgeous heron.


DSC_7434-2 32620

Tricolored Heron


With the surrounding brown mangrove roots and reeds, it wasn’t the greatest to compose the Tricolored Heron’s profile with anything else in the frame.  Darn.  We always like a pretty scene or background.

But wait!  After a little bit, my beautiful subject decided to do a little preening.


The Twist (song)

“Come on, baby
Let’s do the twist
Come on, baby
Let’s do the twist”


DSC_7356-1 32620


“Take me by my little hand
And go like this
E-yah, twist
Baby, baby, twist”


DSC_7358-1 32620


“Ooh yeah, just like this
Come on, little miss, and do the twist….”

Lyrics by Hank Ballard and the Midnighters 1959
(which gave birth to Chubby Checker’s Twist dance craze in 1960)


DSC_7360-1 32620

Tricolored Heron – “Doing The Twist”


A scene that seemed dull unfolded into a beautiful shoot with just a little patience on my part.



48 thoughts on “Tricolored Heron – Preening

      • You’re very welcome. It also happened to me yesterday (see latest post). I was trying to take a picture of an Orange-Tip and just as I got close another came along and the two started ‘fighting’ or ‘courting’. (I’m not sure which is which with butterflies!) Anyway, not more than 20 seconds later, I caught 2 of them perfectly stationary. (I’ll say no more about it, ahem, but check out photo 12…) My new camera sure got that one right. 😊

  1. The bird and photo are beautiful, regardless of the background. But I share your feelings. I was taking photos of a pair of snowy egrets in our cove at low tide this week and in comes a cattle egret, kind of unusual to see at the water’s edge. Unfortunately the cattle egret chose to sit on a dirty, semi-submerged tire in the mud flats, so every photo of this bird has the tire as the background. So what do we photographers do? We get the shot anyway! Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you, Susan! I know exactly what you mean, esp. when trash is in the shot. If small enough, we can ‘remove’ but not a whole darn tire! lol Sometimes, if close/focused well, cropping as a head or upper body shot can work! 🙂

  2. Great photos! There’s nothing better than stretching and twisting under the bright lazy sun! You captured that, perfectly. Nice work, Donna. 🙂

  3. A true contortionist, Donna. What a gorgeous creature. I have never seen one, and can only imagine that I would be floating on cloud nine the entire time if I ever got to Florida (the same goes for Texas).

  4. Really fun post, Donna. Loved the unusual twisting neck and the song lyrics sprinkled in. I never ever tire of watching this beautiful bird, and I’m glad you stuck around for the show.

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