Green Heron On The Run


It happened so quick, a female Green Heron flushed out of the mangroves and flew a short distance to reland.

The male decided he would just run along the embankment in pursuit!


DSC_8327-1 12920

Male Green Heron chasing a female


DSC_8329-1 12920

Green Heron hot on the trail


DSC_8330-1 12920

Green Heron sees me and his excitement vanished


Oops!Ā  So sorry, Mr. Heron!Ā  He gave me a nod and continued on with his pursuit!



38 thoughts on “Green Heron On The Run

  1. Great pictures of one of my favorite birds. I am still waiting for the return of the pair of green herons to our cove on the Chesapeake. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you, Ellen! I love these little herons and have never seen so many prior until this past winter in Florida. They always caught my attention for hopefully a photo. šŸ˜Š

  2. Nice photos. Green herons (and for some reason not the other hersons so much) always remind me of roadrunners, especially when their crest is up.

  3. What does he know? When he saw you, the excitement should have started! šŸ˜˜
    Your captures are wonderful! šŸ‘

    • Thank you, Ashley! At home around the Chesapeake Bay, our Green Herons don’t allow us near them either. But in Florida, oh my goodness, with the remote areas & dirt roads that I went to away from tourists, they were always around. I just had to be quick enough! šŸ˜‰

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