Another Osprey With A Fish


Another day, another male Osprey is perched with its latest catch.


DSC_8522-1 32820

A wet male Osprey with its catch


As he eats the head (a common practice by males before taking the balance to the nest), the Osprey’s mate is crying on the nest, demanding he bring the fish to her and the chicks.

He obviously hears her.Β  We all hear her.


DSC_8568-1 32820

Male Osprey looking at his mate who is demanding he bring the fish to the nest


DSC_8570-1 32820

Male Osprey readying for flight to heed to her begging


Knowing what was truly best for everyone…..


DSC_8572-2 32820

“Alright, alright, I’m coming!”



DSC_8573-1 32820

Eye on the nest and his mate



DSC_8574-1 32820

“Powerful Wings and Tail”



DSC_8575-1 32820

Osprey have an impressive five foot wingspan


And over my head he went, straight to the nest, to the awaiting, hungry family.



36 thoughts on “Another Osprey With A Fish

  1. Great pictures, Donna. Ever since you blogged about the male catching the fish and eating its head I have noticed the ‘headless’ fish in the talons of so many osprey. Thanks for that bit of info.

  2. LOL! “We all hear her.” Yeah, yeah. I’ll be there in a minute, honey. Quit ya’ bitchin’. LOL!

    He must be young. He’s is thin compared to Beau. Have you named this pair? And, are you in SC, still?

    • I think several blocks around could hear her! 😝

      This was one of the male Ospreys of several pairs around Everglades City. Osprey they live in Florida year-round. He’s probably thin from all those fish deliveries to the nest as their two chicks are basically full-grown in already! I imagine they’ve been flapping away since I left and possibly already flying. πŸ™‚

      Yes, still in SC for now. If things start relaxing/opening up in the states north of us, we’ll be trying to make our way home to Maryland very soon!

      • Heh. No wonder the males can be a little slow to deliver dinner. Um…I’m hungry, too…ya’ know… LOL!

        Yeah. I think Boston has had a breakout. I haven’t heard much about Maryland. I have a friend in Delaware on Fenwick Island. They’ve got the NG there.

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