Darling Donkey With A Message


Just a mile down the road from us lives an adorable donkey on a small farmstead that I always looked for on my passing by.


DSC_5106-1 112019


If you stop, (s)he’ll come over to the road to say hello.


DSC_5118-1 112019

“Hello There”


DSC_5108-1 112019


“A little Consideration,
a little Thought for Others,
makes all the difference.”

— Eeyore, Winnie the Pooh



41 thoughts on “Darling Donkey With A Message

    • I never saw a cross-hair with this one! 😉 (But I remember many years back when we biked country roads, a local farmer told us kids to stay away from his fenced donkey because he wasn’t very nice. And we listened!)

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