Momma Robin and Her Baby


Even though her baby is now flying, this Momma Robin continues to care for it.


DSC_0559-1 5220

American Robin “Momma”



DSC_0556-2 5220

American Robin Fledgling “Momma’s Baby”


Happy Mother’s Day!



37 thoughts on “Momma Robin and Her Baby

  1. What a cute baby! It’s funny how Robins are so common that we often overlook them as we search for more unusual birds. Still, a baby is a baby, and they are all cute. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you, Jane! This little fledgling was practicing flying spurts from tree to picnic table to tree to ground. It was adorable, especially watching Momma trying to keep up! πŸ™‚

  2. Lovely shots Donna. It is interesting how God designed in many bird chicks the speckled grey-white appearance as a camouflage which makes them more difficult to discern from the air by predators, as does the brown back which is a feature of many young birds.

  3. This is the best part about birding in the spring is all the babies are being born, providing they don’t get ripped out of their nest by another bird. We’ve had Carolina Wrens and Northern Cardinal babies survive this year so we have lots of activity going on.

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