Wood Stork Gallery

While observing the Wood Stork, English naturalist Richard Bradley (1688?–1732) noted, “Their faces look like an old country man that’s had too much sun and is much in need of a facelift.”  

This past winter, high on my Florida photo-op wish list was the uniquely gorgeous Wood Stork.

Here are more of my favorite captures to share their beauty!


Wood Storks



36 thoughts on “Wood Stork Gallery

  1. I love your captures, Donna. This is now the best-looking bird but his sudden movements denote energy and grace. Good job, my friend. 🙂 👍

  2. Real nice photos Donna, and I love the descriptive quote at the beginning! Very apt!! These birds look very similar to our ibis birds so I Googled both of them and found out that they are not the same species however the wood stork used to be called a wood ibis even though it isn’t an ibis!

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