A Willet Will Let You

Take it’s photograph, of course, if you’re still and patient!

I watched this Willet come and go from the same exact spots several times a day for a couple weeks last month at the campground we stayed at.

It began trusting me more and more, allowing me to get closer as it foraged each day or when it just hung out.

Sometimes I was photographing both the Willet and the Killdeer featured in recent posts at the same time, as they scurried past each other in their foraging.  Of course, as much as I tried, I never did get them in the same shot focused.  😉

Here’s a gallery of my favorites taken of the Willet.




I even got to watch it take baths in a puddle.


Willet taking a bath


It is always a joy to watch a bird enjoy a bath.  My last photo sure looks like the Willet’s grinning to prove so!



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