A Willet Will Let You

Take it’s photograph, of course, if you’re still and patient!

I watched this Willet come and go from the same exact spots several times a day for a couple weeks last month at the campground we stayed at.

It began trusting me more and more, allowing me to get closer as it foraged each day or when it just hung out.

Sometimes I was photographing both the Willet and the Killdeer featured in recent posts at the same time, as they scurried past each other in their foraging.Β  Of course, as much as I tried, I never did get them in the same shot focused.Β  πŸ˜‰

Here’s a gallery of my favorites taken of the Willet.




I even got to watch it take baths in a puddle.


Willet taking a bath


It is always a joy to watch a bird enjoy a bath.Β  My last photo sure looks like the Willet’s grinning to prove so!



36 thoughts on “A Willet Will Let You

    • Love making you smile, that makes me smile! I learned patience is a big key. When you see or hear a bird(s) your interested in, find somewhere to sit real still or a tree to lean up against and just watch. There’s a good possibility the bird(s) that went into hiding on your arrival will begin moving again and might pop back out on an open branch/ground, even if only to take a look at you. πŸ™‚ I know, if only it were that easy, lol, I do give luck a lot of credit!! 😊

    • They are quite handsome! I love their long beak too. RE B&B, I emailed someone recently and asked about the CC Osprey nest platform if any Osprey were on it. He hadn’t been to his condo so he didn’t know. 😦 I think about B&B a lot, wondering if they are there again…..with no nest, lol. I wanted so bad to visit them before we left the east coast but the pandemic caused our scheduled home dates shortened and I ran out of time. I hope they are there and doing well….AND they have a nest this year because Beau took an architect course over the winter. 😁

  1. What an utterly gorgeous bird bath sequence. I have such a very hard time telling the shore birds apart. However I did manage to get a clear enough shot of a Willet at the city park back at the previous house that aided me in identifying it. Of course I go and forget the details the next time I see one in the wild. Too many different species of birds and plants to keep them all straight. That makes you all the more amazing to be able to do that! πŸ˜€

  2. Nice gallery of Willet photos! I love to watch birds bathing. When they shake the feathers there is a good possibility to get some nice shots, as you did πŸ™‚

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