Laughing Gulls and A Piece of Pizza


It was a quiet, cloudy afternoon.  Until a flock of Laughing Gulls and a piece of pizza entered the scene.

Always great practice shooting!  With a surprise at download, the only item that had a pop of color was the pizza.

Sharing a fun post!


DSC_0844-1 52620

The Chase Begins


Other Laughing Gulls quickly got into the game of chase.


DSC_0847-1 52620


That piece of pizza was dropped and grabbed several times.


Laughing Gulls and a piece of pizza up for grabs


Making a smart, swift exit from the others, the Laughing Gull in the last photo was the prize winner…..if you can call a soggy piece of pizza a prize.  😉



49 thoughts on “Laughing Gulls and A Piece of Pizza

  1. Great captures Donna! Gulls are always fun to photograph, especially when one of them happens to have a morsel of food! I bet if you zoom in on that rather large morsel of pizza, you may very well see remnants of anchovies on it! LOL!

    • Thank you, Steve! They do get hilariously funny and loud, so it’s good entertainment to watch them chase each other! Yep, I see an anchovie! No wonder it was prized so bad! 😅 🤣

    • Thank you, Minna! I had a lot of fun trying to keep my lens on them while they played aerobatics in the air! Gulls are great for flight practice and sometimes a cool shot! 😊

  2. If you happen to have a small flock of Laughing Gulls nearby, do not ever bring up any kind of food, because there’s going to be a riot and most likely eat your food! Even if you put it back in the box. Great experience, isn’t it? 🙂

    • Great experience, yes! They are smart, I’ve watched them fly right to and snatch a french fry from a beachgoer’s cup before they have time to react. Your food is not safe around them at all. 😉

  3. Yes, the piece-a-pizza really does add color to the scene. These gulls are just like our Silver Gull, where only today we witnessed a similar event with lettuce and burger bun. 🙂

  4. Fantastic photo story Donna, some really good captures there too, I had a good old laugh. This post is my favourite for the week! 😀

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