Fox Squirrel


For sure they get a bad rap for raiding bird feeders, but I can’t help but think how cute squirrels are when you photograph them, especially this Momma Fox Squirrel who I watched off and on for a few days when she’d appear for a meal break from her nest (which its location I never did figure out).


DSC_2820-1 6320

Fox Squirrel (female)


DSC_2545-2 6120

Fox Squirrel (female)


Interesting fact: Β  Fox squirrels possess flexible joints in their ankles, allowing them to turn their feet 180 degrees so they can scale up and down trees with ease.



37 thoughts on “Fox Squirrel

  1. Last month I showed my wife a squirrel that was pregnant! I had never seen one before. The one on your post must have given birth not so long ago. her breasts can be seen. Great post, Donna. πŸ™‚

  2. So this is what version 2 looks like πŸ˜€. I found there are 3 different types of Fox Squirrel. The only one, until now, is the southern β€˜swampy’ version. Here they look like little panda. Yours has a beautiful colored fur. Nice shots πŸ‘πŸ‘

    • Thanks Ted! Do you know the Delmarva Fox Squirrel with the huge bushy tail as #3? I’m not sure how many FoxSq species we actually have. I’ve shared the DFSq before, it’s exclusive to Delaware/Maryland/Virginia. It was considered endangered in the 1960’s. A big conservation project went into effect to protect them, relocating some, I believe even into New Jersey and parts of lower Pennsylvania. Since November 2015 the DFSqu is no longer endangered. πŸ˜ƒ

      • Yes, #3. The most common I think is in the northeast. Looks very much like the usual Gray Squirrel. The Southern variation only lives in woodlands that border on marshes/swamps. Larger, gray/brown, white face with a black mask. Panda looking. It is also endangered, but coming back in.

  3. Perfect photos Donna, and such a cute little critter! What an amazing fact about their ankles, no wonder they are super fast up and down trees!

  4. They are cute but, boy can they be destructive.

    Got to see a baby raccoon today. And, no, I didn’t get any pictures as we weren’t sure if it was sick or not. It was out in broad daylight, by itself. My buddy called 911 for animal control but, the cops just showed up (I knew one of them). He’d had some raccoons as pets so, he let us know it was OK. Cute little thing.

  5. Definitely a cute little critter and I guess you can’t blame them for being resourceful when it comes to a free meal. Though we have had an equally cute deer around and about this past week or so, which has taken a liking to my wife’s vegetable garden. Everything is having to be uncovered in the morning and covered again at night to protect them.

  6. So cute squirrel and very nice shots Donna! I love squirrels. We are feeding the birds every winter and at the same time also squirrels πŸ™‚ They are very effective in eating the seeds and nuts from the feeder. BTW we have had two baby squirrels here in our cottage yard, but so far I have not gotten any good pictures of them.

  7. Raiding feeders is one thing, but when two of these critters launch a coordinated attack on a batch of one day old Quail babies (just a few days old)… that’s where I draw the line! I’ve been working on that ‘story’ to post. Seems to take me forever to put a post together these days.

    Still… I have to admit, they ARE cute! πŸ˜‰

  8. Photographing squirrels. What a wonderful idea. Can’t do that around here, because the feral cats have probably killed them all, and there are no squirrels to be found anywhere. First time in my life I ever saw squirrels was when my parents took my to the US for a year on a sabbatical. Didn’t know where they were.

    They will make excellent photographs and videos clips to download on youtube.

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