Juvenile Red-shouldered Hawk


I slowly approached a juvenile Red-shouldered Hawk from behind while it intently scanned around the grounds below its perch.


DSC_9043-1 32820

Red-shouldered Hawk (juvenile)


I circled to its left and was noticed.


DSC_9066-1 32820

Red-shouldered Hawk (juvenile)


A closer look at the hawk as it focused on me.


DSC_9073-1 32820

Red-shouldered Hawk close-up (juvenile)


Apparently I wasn’t a concern, as the Red-shouldered Hawk returned to watching the grounds below.

Getting comfortable enough to lift and rest a leg!  🙂


DSC_9097-1 32820

Red-shouldered Hawk (juvenile)


What the Red-shouldered Hawk was hunting I didn’t stay to find out, but it was most likely a lizard.

I will say, the young hawk looked quite comfortable sitting there, making me think this was a successful hunting perch; and s/he was just waiting for the day’s next meal to come by.



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