Red-Bellied Woodpecker – Berry Good!


I am still in Indiana, although this was not as planned.  Right now we should be in South Dakota, exploring the Badlands National Park and Custer State Park.

Our motorhome was scheduled June 8th for three weeks to complete warranty work.  We are now in Week 7, and the manufacturer says two more weeks.  We are frustrated to say the least.  Two trip destinations canceled so far.

It’s been hot in Indiana along with the rest of the country, so birding has been limited.  We’ve been bike riding, so stopping along a trail when you see a bird to photograph isn’t an easy task….they usually take flight with us coming at them!

I lucked out with this one at a break stop.


DSC_7097-1 71520

Red-bellied Woodpecker


We all have stresses these days, so my husband and I are putting what we’re going through into perspective.  We’re making do and staying safe.  Hopefully, we are back on the road in a couple weeks to make our next reservation in Montana for a month’s stay.  Montana’s been a retirement dream trip for us for a long time.

In the meantime, if I cannot find the birds here in Indiana, you’re likely to see more of my Florida birds from the past winter (I still have so many not shared!) or from home in the mid-Atlantic, or even possibly photos from our 2016 summer trip cross country.  I’ve been reminiscing through them lately.  😊



63 thoughts on “Red-Bellied Woodpecker – Berry Good!

  1. Thanks for sharing Donna, have been wondering how you are going lately, we will be in prayer for you, for your motor-home to be completed soon, and for your safety and peace of mind. An excellent photo of this beautiful bird in action.

    • Thank you very much, Ashley, it’s not been smooth sailing testing our patience, but I’m hoping we’re soon back on the road. It’s a shame to buy a new RV and then go through what we’re going through. Unfortunately, it’s ‘normal’ in the U.S. RV industry, no matter the RV type. 😦

  2. Well, even though you are stuck there, this photo turned out perfect. And I will enjoy seeing your Florida bird pictures also. We have not taken our RV out once yet this summer. We are downsizing and getting rid of a lot of stuff. It seems like this summer has been so busy for us. Hopefully this fall we can do some camping. Hope you get on the road soon. I have not been to Montana yet. We plant on doing that trip someday also.

    • Thank you, Sandra! We’ve done some major downsizing ourselves. After 40 years of marriage, we could not believe the amount of stuff we had accumulated! Our children were the happy receptors of a lot of our stuff. I keep telling them, “Oh, I might want that back” (with a wink). But really, no way, if I want something again, I will buy new. 🙂 I hope you can get rolling with your RV soon. After Montana, we’re heading down to Colorado for the spectacular fall Aspens, something we’ve never seen.

      • I have heard of the Aspens, that will be so cool. We went by the edge of Colorado last December, that was my first time seeing the snow capped Mountains. Just breathtaking. Can’t wait to see photos of your journey down the road. 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Irene! Always love making you smile! 😊 I actually made a hotel reservation up in New Buffalo to ‘get-away’ from our frustrations while we’ve waited, but I cancelled after the outbreaks started back up. Even though the hotel stated they sanitized extensively and the room was empty an entire day before another occupancy, we started thinking twice about it. I was going to let you know to see if we could meet with social distancing at Indiana Dunes!

      • It would have been fun to meet up with you. The hesitation to go to New Buffalo is completely understandable. Looking forward to things settling down a bit. 😊

  3. Woo-hoo, you sure found an eager subject in this red-bellied woodprecker, Donna. Fantastic photo! I’m sorry the motorhome repairs are taking so long and you’re stuck in Indiana. Good for you for climbing on your bikes and making the best of your situation. Wishing you the best in getting to Montana.

    • Thank you, Jet! I needed that woodpecker with all the frustrations….he certainly was a wonderful gift, I think even he even winked at me. 😊 It is truly wonderful what nature and wildlife can do for your heart and soul. I do know we can’t wait to get those wheels rolling!

  4. Let me guess…the corona beer virus is making part delivery difficult?

    I loved visiting South Dakota. The view are incredible.

    Catching a woodpecker with a snack is awesome.

    • Yea, that’s one of the excuses.

      I lived in South Dakota at age 3-5, went to kindergarten there, Dad was stationed at Ellsworth AFB. We revisited the summer of 2016, it is a gorgeous state!

      Thanks Vic, that woodpecker moment was wonderful!

        • Basically yes. We are at the manufacturer, not a dealer. One problem, they changed supplies/design/colors for 2020 models, ours is the last 2019 model made, so no more inventories on items to match ours, etc. Also, basically one guy doing most of work. Don’t get me started, lol.

          • I can’t image a company getting rid of parts for older models…unless they sold them to after-market companies. Speaking of, I wish I could remember the name of the popular after-market parts/accessories magazine that everyone used to have.

  5. I sympathise with your birds and biking problems. I stop, the bird stands still, I get my camera out and before I can raise it, the bird flies off (laughing).

  6. Wow Donna, you are travelling around your country with a home on wheels! It is a great opportunity to change place when ever you want to 🙂 I just checked from a map where is Indiana and Montana and realized that I have been close to Indiana 😀 as I have been couple of times in Chicago. I hope you get your motorhome fixed soon and get out of that hot place w/o any birds

    • Thank you, Minna! When we retired, our plan was to travel the U.S. and chase the weather to always be in wonderful temperatures. My husband wants to be in shorts and flip flops permanently now! lol 😉 You were close to where I am, I’m less than 200 miles (322 km) from Chicago right now. When we leave here, Montana is 2,000 miles (3218 km) away, it’ll take us at least four days to get there, which is half the fun, rolling through states, seeing views that are breathtaking, and stopping wherever we want. Thank you, Minna, we should be rolling in about another 2 1/2 weeks. 🙂

      • Wow, that is quite many miles to drive to Montana, but I am sure driving there is an experience 🙂 I would also like to be all the time in shorts. This summer we had two weeks wonderful weather, the temperature was between 26-32 C. Beginning of July weather changed and now the temperature is between 13-18 …. so no shorts or shorts and freezing 😀 I´ll keep my thumps up so that you get on the road again.

  7. so beautiful dear Donna, what an amazing moment you captured, loved so much. Thank you, Love, nia

  8. That was a great stop for both of you! The image is wonderful and so is the sighting!

    Stay safe. I always think there’s a reason for delays, and stuff so it’s best to take it in stride and make the best of it.

  9. So very sorry to hear that you’re still struggling with the RV problems. You may have noticed I got pretty excited and happy for you when I misunderstood that you’d made it to Lee’s Ferry! Surely you’re due for some better luck and great adventures. Actually OVERdue I’d say!!! ❤

    • Thank you, Gunta! Sorry I confused you! 😉 Since it’s hot and no birds here in Indiana, I’ve been going thru the summer of 2016 photos of that RV trip, the similar trip we’re missing now. Wondering if we’ll ever get to see. But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel now, it’s small but we’re hoping it’ll be getting bigger and brighter soon! We hope to be on the road heading to Montana mid-August. 👍

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