Lees Ferry, Marble Canyon


Lees Ferry is a historical site on the Colorado River in Arizona, about 7-8 miles from Page, Arizona.  It lies at the start of Marble Canyon and is considered the official beginning of Grand Canyon National Park.

For hundreds of miles, the site of Lees Ferry was one of only two places where one could easily access the Colorado River from both sides.  This site served as an important river crossing for the Anasazi, Paiute and Navajo peoples, followed by Spanish expeditions, and eventually as a gateway for the expansion of American settlement from Utah south into Arizona.

In 1873, John Doyle Lee (who the site is named after) launched his first boat to ferry people across at this site to improve crossing.

Ferry service continued until 1928 when the nearby Navajo Bridge was completed that allowed for the far more efficient automobile travel between Utah and Arizona.


DSC_9852-4 71616 Marble Canyon Colorado River

Lees Ferry, Marble Canyon, Arizona


Today, Lees Ferry provides a campground and is one of the best launching points for whitewater rafting trips down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.

(Photo taken July 2016)




47 thoughts on “Lees Ferry, Marble Canyon

  1. You made it!!! Yay! We camped there last fall. Be sure to look for the Condor. The bridge at the Visitor’s Center is where I got shots of the baby. If you get a chance, you can go out to where the observers are set up with scopes. They can likely tell you where to find them at the Visitor’s Center. What fun!

    • Oh so sorry, Gunta! I’m still in Indiana…. I noted at the bottom of the post I took this photo back in July 2016. But I do know about the bridge and visitor’s center, but dog-gone-it I did not see the Condor anywhere there. I took a lot of photos from the bridge. 🙂

  2. I’ve been to those areas in the past, I loved every inch that I travelled. All places are a masterpiece of Nature. Great shot! What was the temperature then? 🙂

    • Thank you, HJ! We were camping at Lake Powell nearby, the temps were low 100’s every day. With the low humidity, it was so much more tolerable than what you and I are used to on the East Coast in July. We even extended our stay several more days to explore the surrounding areas. Just beautiful!

    • Thank you, Sandra! The Navajo Bridge and Visitor’s Center is also very nice to see. And Horseshoe Bend is nearby too, and so much more close by. A great area to explore! We were to stay 7 days camping, and added 4 more days. Try not to go in July or August if you want to hike, it’s in the low 100s then. But car day trips worked for us in July and small hikes early morning. 🙂

  3. Wonderful picture and story. All of this sounded familiar and I went to my photo book of our western trip to San Diego in 2012, and sure enough, we stopped at Navajo Bridge in our way to Vermillion Cliffs and saw rafters going down the river. Your post brought back fond memories.

    • Thanks, Susan! We enjoyed that area very much, even extended our camping stay from 7 days to 11 days, there’s so much to see in that general area. I’m sure you saw Horseshoe Bend then too. 🙂

  4. Love the layers of color in the rock and the river.

    I never made it to the actual Grand Canyon but, I spent some time at Hoover Dam. Long before I met my ex-Marine, he graduated HS in Boulder City, NV and worked the refreshment stand as a teen on the Arizona side. He showed me around the dam.

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