Snowy Egret Lands To Fish


I still remember the wonderful experience with this Snowy Egret in breeding plumage that I photographed this past May back home in Maryland.


DSC_0827-1 5220

Snowy Egret coming in for a landing


DSC_0828-1 5220

Snowy Egret landing


DSC_0832-1 5220

Snowy Egret goes fishing


DSC_0834-1 5220

“Eye on the prize”


DSC_0838-1 5220

Snowy Egret misses the strike (and so don’t I!)


DSC_0676-2 5220

The Snowy Egret’s bare skin on their face changes color from yellow to reddish during breeding season


DSC_0731-1 5220



DSC_0752-1 5220

“Striking again”


DSC_0790-1 5220

“Another Strike”


DSC_0759-1 5220

“The Prize”
(for all that hard work and splash in the face!)


Hanging at the boardwalk, waiting and hoping for any bird to arrive……became well worth the wait for this beautiful Snowy Egret photo session.Β Β  😊


48 thoughts on “Snowy Egret Lands To Fish

  1. Yes, hanging around and being patient is key to seeing these beautiful birds in action. Hope you made it to the Dakotas in search of cooler temps.

    • I’m one to relax and enjoy nature, waiting! πŸ˜‰ I know you are too!

      Ummmm…, Ingrid, we had to cancel the South Dakota reservation. 😒 The mfgr is still working on the RV, possibly complete in another week or so. We should have been in Montana two days ago. πŸ™„ They allowed me to delay the reservation in MT to 8/14 arrival, but we’re still going to be a couple days late it looks like. Let’s hope our wheels are rollin’ in a week or so!

  2. Just an FYI (besides these being great shots) WP Reader is misaligning your images. Some overlapped in the middle of the post. Might want to check images are marked to be centered. The latest updates have not worked well, no matter what device is used. This post I was using an IPad.

  3. Donna these are beautiful! Glad for Ted’s comment above. I thought something was wrong on my end. Regardless, great shots of one of my favorite birds! Thank you

    • Thank you Sandra for also letting me know. I used a mix of singles and then two collages, maybe that didn’t work, or because I’ve not elected to use the new WP editor program. If you or Ted can let me know, see if it looks okay now. Appreciate your help, thanks!

      • I’m reading from my iPhone. Your website post pictures are pulling up beautifully! The reader is still skewing a couple photos. Maybe it is the difference between the two editors? Either way, beautiful images Donna!

        • Thank you, Sandra for letting me know. I’ve had awesome luck with WP for 10 years, I was worried with the new editor coming out if I was going to have problems with my older theme. πŸ™„

  4. I imagine that a bird that is this white on a sunny day is hard to get the the right exposure. My favorites are the images with the water splashes as it goes for its prey. As well, I love those black legs and bill with the orange tips. Regarding layout I am seeing centered photos on their own and groups of three in other cases. Great collection, well captured!

    • Thank you, Jane! I took these shortly after sunrise when it was still cool and not a harsh light. To see that SE coming in for the landing towards me was a highlight of my morning! I did have individual shots and two sets of three photos in a collage as you said. I think it was WP Reader or maybe my WP theme.

    • Thank you, Denise! I was fortunate to be standing on a boardwalk with a hand rail to use for elbow support. It was also just a couple hours after sunrise, so the lighting was just right. 😊

    • Thank you, Wally! It was a beautiful, cool morning, I just hung around at that spot on the boardwalk rail, waiting for ‘someone’ to come along to entertain me! 😊

  5. What a stunner! Just gorgeous, Donna. You got it all – the light, the feather details, the water, those feet – and the color on the lores. Wow.

    • Thank you very much, Lisa! It was one of those RPRT moments. I was there first, just a few hours after sunrise, waiting for a shorebird of some type to come to the tidal waters that were the right depth. This Snowy was my prize for waiting! 😊

  6. Amazing photos Donna! Oh it would be so nice some day meet this beautiful bird. In Finland it is quite rare, so you really have to know where to go. I hope you get on road again! Sorry to hear that they are still fixing your car 😦

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