White Ibis


Even with the vast numbers of these birds throughout the southeastern United States, White Ibis are among one the favorites of many.


Adult White Ibis                                                    Juvenile White Ibis


These photos were shot about two hours before sunset.


DSC_3139-1 21920

White Ibis


DSC_3140-1 21920



From another day that was cloudy.


DSC_3243-1 22120

White Ibis in Flight
(the last one is a juvenile)


(Photos taken February 2020 in Everglades City, Florida)



31 thoughts on “White Ibis

  1. Beautiful photos Donna. I hope you don’t mind me asking, but I’m trying to solve a problem with the WP Happiness Engineers, regarding how my emails look to recipients. (A few weeks ago it was all the text and all my photos and now it’s nothing, just the title – which I prefer in a way). Your email came through to me with a little text, 2 photos then a little more text before the “Read more of this post…” prompt. So my questions are:
    a) do you do anything special to insert that Read more text or does it appear by default? and
    b) are you using the old WP Editor or the new one?
    Thanks in advance. 😊

    • Thank you, Mike!
      No problem, ask/email any time! I don’t do anything special, “Read More’ appears as default. I am still using the old WP editor. I am also using an old theme, not sure if that is part of it too. 🙂

    • Way too many of those “Happiness Engineers” play footsie with the PHP & Javascript code. I am forever noticing WP doing weird stuff, esp. the phone app. Right now, the Reader in a browser has trouble re-formatting a page if you use the back button.

      I’m still using the old editor, too. There is nothing wrong with it but, they continue to push that block editor. Part of their problem is trying to maintain both.

      Just recently, I went ’round and ’round with them, sending them screen captures, when I noticed that I could get into another bloggers comments. There were functions showing up in the phone app and the browser Reader that weren’t supposed to be there.

      WP has bugs and they continue to get worse.

  2. These guys are numerous in Florida. I love to photograph them as a group or one alone! Great shots, Donna. My favorite is the the last one (in flight) 🙂

  3. We watched Ibis over a lake in NM, but I’m not sure they were the same as these. What a fun variety of birds you’ve encountered.

    • Thank you, Gunta! Florida sure is a haven and paradise for gorgeous birds. I was wondering what Ibis you might have seen in NM. The Glossy Ibis and White-faced Ibis are both dark. If you saw white one, maybe a Wood Stork?

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