Great Blue Herons – Habitat, Profile & Close-Up


Three photos of the Great Blue Heron….


DSC_0645-1 2620

Great Blue Heron “Florida Habitat”


DSC_2168-1 21620

Great Blue Heron “Stalk Profile”


DSC_8556-3 12920

Great Blue Heron “Close-Up”


From distance to close-up, the Great Blue Heron is always picturesque!



53 thoughts on “Great Blue Herons – Habitat, Profile & Close-Up

    • Thank you, Mike! The habitat shot was taken deep in a forest strand, it is gorgeous in that spot. There was an alligator there too, but he’s not in the scene. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • As long as the alligator wasn’t off camera immediately to your right and about to take a chunk out of you, that’s OK! But rather you than me! Butterflies are much safer to photograph, (though we do have one venomous snake in Switzerland. ๐Ÿ˜ง)

          • Yes, only one, an adder or viper. They are only small and not more than about 18″ long, but can be seen ‘sunbathing’ on paths/tracks/roads and very occasionally in the fields next to our chalet. I once stepped over one by accident. I had been taking a photo of Lake Derborence and turned around and walked straight over it. My wife had seen it and assumed I had too, so she didn’t say anything. It was only once I’d gone 2 more yards that she remarked “Didn’t you see the snake?” “What snake?” I replied! I then turned to see it slithering away into the grass and never did get a decent picture of my ‘near miss’!

  1. Dear Donna, they are all so beautiful photographs, how makes me excited… Herons are very special for me, I love these birds. Thank you so much, Love, nia

  2. The GBR certainly is an elegant bird, and these three photos highlight its extraordinary beauty. I liked seeing the FL habitat in the background, too, Donna.

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