American Alligators Part 2 – Close-Ups


(Continuing with Part 2 of an American Alligator three-part series)

Today’s Crocodylians (alligators, gharials and crocodiles) have been around for about 85 million years.  Crocodylians are the last living representatives of the Crocodylomorpha, an even bigger, more diverse group of creatures that goes back to the Triassic age, originating over 205 million years ago.

So that’s where they get their prehistoric look?!!  😉

I had a memorable encounter with this American Alligator who was alongside at the end of a boardwalk I had followed, about a half mile deep in the Fakahatchee Strand State Preserve.

DSC_9950-1 2620

American Alligator


It was a great opportunity to safely capture close-ups of this alligator.


DSC_9947-1 2620

American Alligator


Now the eye.  See the reflection of the boardwalk I was standing on?  😲


DSC_0688-1 2620

American Alligator Eye


I processed these next two close-ups in B&W.


DSC_0693-2 2620

American Alligator in B&W


DSC_0694-1 2620

American Alligator in B&W


When I finished taking a few photos, I turned away and took a couple steps to view the alligator hole, when this alligator suddenly sprinted alongside me into the hole with a tremendous splash.  The fast force and the noise was so startling, I screamed at the top of my lungs!  Thank goodness no one else was around on the boardwalk to hear me. 😅   I looked for the alligator, and it had disappeared into the deep water.  Gone.

I won’t forget that adrenaline experience!  It took me a few minutes to regain my composure and slow down my heart.  😊

Fact:  Alligators can do a quick running spurt on land at 11 mph.  In the water, they can swim 20 mph!

Next post will be the last of my American Alligator series with Part 3, showing off the American Alligators cute side with the juveniles!

(Part 1 here if you missed it!)



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