Little Birdies


My next few posts will be done in category groupings with lots of photos so I can ‘catch up’ on sharing the beauty of the birds along Cape Hatteras National Seashore during their October migration to or through here.

Let’s start with the little birdies…..those that stayed still long enough to allow me a photograph or two.  😉  


DSC_4100-1 10620

Swamp Sparrow (new lifer #212 💃)


DSC_4055-1 10620

Savannah Sparrow


DSC_6549-1 101520

House Sparrow (actually a year-round resident)


DSC_5632-1 101420

Blackburnian Warbler (new lifer #213 💃)


DSC_5636-1 101420

Blackburnian Warbler


DSC_3544-1 10520

Palm Warbler (Western female)


DSC_3549-1 10520

Palm Warbler (Western female)


DSC_6239-1 101020

Yellow-rumped Warbler


DSC_5690-1 101420

Carolina Chickadee (another year-round resident)


DSC_6268-1 101520

Brown Creeper


DSC_6277-1 101520

Brown Creeper


DSC_4791-1 101020

Red-breasted Nuthatch


DSC_4273-1 10620

American Redstart (female)


Thank you, HJ (Avian101), for your assistance in confirming my two new lifers and the Palm Warbler (Western)!!


42 thoughts on “Little Birdies

  1. What a nice group of birdies! Congratulations for the 2 new “lifers” you’re adding to your list. Thanks for mentioning my blog. 🙂

    • Thank you, Eliza! I’m not so good either on non-common ones. I’ll pour through my books/guides and; and if still not quite sure, I’ve emailed HJ with my photo and my guess. He’s an awesome bird expert, and I keep on learning! 🙂

    • Thanks Hans! We’ve camped the Outer Banks barrier islands several times over the years, it has the best of both worlds, great sound/bay side for marshes and wetlands and the ocean side for putting your toes in the sand and chilling. 🙂

  2. Lovely photos Donna, I can appreciate how hard it can be to photograph the smaller birds as they often move so fast! The little birdies are so cute! I especially love the little warblers. And that brown creeper certainly has excellent camouflage!

  3. These are wonderful (and I know all too well how most of them are so difficult to catch!!!) Great job. Don’t know how you manage to tell them apart. We have a bunch that dart in and out of the willow trees across the driveway, but they hardly ever sit still long enough for a shot. Eric still tries (and succeeds) occasionally, but I gave up.
    It’s a fantastic series. Congrats on adding to your lifer list!

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