Birds in Flight at OBX


What a fabulous time I had birding in the Outer Banks last month. 

You know I love the challenge of birds in flight!  Here are more of my favorites. 


DSC_3767-1 10620

Canada Geese


DSC_5721-1 101420

Brown Pelican


DSC_6561-1 101520

House Sparrow


DSC_4019-1 10520

Belted Kingfishers (Northern Shovelers in background)


DSC_5778-1 101420

Marbled Godwits and Willets


DSC_5204-1 101420

American Wigeons


DSC_5372-1 101420

American Wigeons


DSC_6125-1 101520

Canada Goose


DSC_4730-1 101020

Yellow-rumped Warbler (nicknamed “Butter Butt”)


DSC_6001-1 101520

Tricolored Heron


DSC_6003-1 101520

Tricolored Heron


DSC_6146-1 101520



DSC_1910-1 101620 forsters

Forster’s Tern


DSC_0307-2 10220 forsters

Forster’s Tern


DSC_7534-1 21620 caspian

Caspian Tern


DSC_1917-1 101620 caspian

Caspian Tern



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