Birds in Flight at OBX


What a fabulous time I had birding in the Outer Banks last month. 

You know I love the challenge of birds in flight!  Here are more of my favorites. 


DSC_3767-1 10620

Canada Geese


DSC_5721-1 101420

Brown Pelican


DSC_6561-1 101520

House Sparrow


DSC_4019-1 10520

Belted Kingfishers (Northern Shovelers in background)


DSC_5778-1 101420

Marbled Godwits and Willets


DSC_5204-1 101420

American Wigeons


DSC_5372-1 101420

American Wigeons


DSC_6125-1 101520

Canada Goose


DSC_4730-1 101020

Yellow-rumped Warbler (nicknamed “Butter Butt”)


DSC_6001-1 101520

Tricolored Heron


DSC_6003-1 101520

Tricolored Heron


DSC_6146-1 101520



DSC_1910-1 101620 forsters

Forster’s Tern


DSC_0307-2 10220 forsters

Forster’s Tern


DSC_7534-1 21620 caspian

Caspian Tern


DSC_1917-1 101620 caspian

Caspian Tern



47 thoughts on “Birds in Flight at OBX

  1. Wow, this set of photos is so beautiful, Donna! I think the Canadian Geese, Wigeons, and Terns are so gorgeous in flight! 🥰❤️

  2. Fantastic flight shots Donna, especially the first one. You have some beautiful shore birds. Caspians are always amazing to capture, especially when they lift their wings when standing on the beach, they look like angels, and when they fly they have beautiful tails.

    • Thank you, Ashley! Off in the distance, there were always many more. A local told me the refuge is filled to the brim with ducks and shorebirds January and February, what a sight it must be! I agree with you on Caspians, they are angelic. 🙂

  3. Beautiful pictures! I love how we can see how the American Wigeons hold their feet while flying — such a fascinating perspective. And the Forster’s Tern turning its head towards the camera — fantastic! Not to mention the one with a fish in its mouth. 🙂

    • Thank you very much, Barbara! I very much enjoy the challenge of photographing flight; you’re right, the angle perspectives captured in flight teaches us so much more about each bird species. 🙂

  4. You have some great shots here of our feathered friends in flight. The one that stand out is the first image that shows the progression of the flight in the three geese, I also like the first Forster’s tern where you can see it focusing on where it is about to go, the wigeons with their colours, Actually I like them all, good observing and timing in getting the captures.

    • Thank you for your kind comments, Jane, much appreciated! I get real excited running through my photos on the flight shots, I feel much reward when I score some great ones. 😊

  5. I am glad to see that you saw more than one sort of tern as I always think that one good tern deserves another. Sorry!

    The first widgeon shot was a cracker.

  6. Oh what an extravaganza of flying birds, Donna. Fantastic poses and a handsome number of species. Although I really liked each one, my favorite is the Forster’s Tern with a mouthful of fish. Fantastic! Also liked seeing the kingfisher on the left with a fish. And that photo of the single Canada Goose is spectacular, you gave a Canada Goose regalness. Beautiful photo of the American wigeons, the light is superb.

    • Thank you very much, Jet! 🥰 That was one chubby little fish the FTern had, lol. I enjoyed getting out early in the morning to see what was coming and going against the pretty morning’s blue skies.

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