Series: Take A Moment and Enjoy A Sunset (Christmas Star 2020)


Christmas Star 2020 over the Barron River, Everglades City


Jupiter (left) and Saturn (right)




39 thoughts on “Series: Take A Moment and Enjoy A Sunset (Christmas Star 2020)

  1. I kept hearing different directions, like it was near the moon but that was south. I went out looking for them but cloudy in spots. I think I saw them a couple of nights ago right out the part of my bay window facing west. Will check it tonight. Glad you got it.

    • Thank you, Jane. I had to use a star app to find them in the sky before sunset, I wasn’t sure how high they’d be to the horizon when at their brightest. Much higher than I thought. Hope you could see them tonight!

    • I thought they would be lower in the horizon so I drove somewhere to have a clear shot, but they were so high in the sky, I could have stayed at the campground at shot them. 🙂

  2. I’m glad you got shots. I couldn’t see it, here. It was too bright. We had beautiful blue skies and I could see the quarter moon but…no planets. *sigh*

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