Blue-winged Teal


Blue-winged Teal are one of the first ducks in North America to migrate south in the fall, with most going to Central America.  There are some, though, that only migrate to the U.S. southeast, southwest, and Gulf of Mexico coastlines.


DSC_7626-1 122620

Blue-winged Teal (female on left, male on right)


The Blue-winged Teal are here at 10,000 Islands NWR, in the exact location I found them last year.  Right now with the large amounts of water, they are at a distance from the trail and observation deck; but as the water slowly disappears over the winter, the Blue-winged Teal will get closer to stay in water and, I hope, for some more close-ups.  I got lucky with these.  🙂


DSC_7525-1 122620

Blue-winged Teal “Shadow Play”



34 thoughts on “Blue-winged Teal

  1. I thought what I saw in the fall was a female mallard but looking at the wings, it was more likely a female blue-winged teal. I really like the shadow play.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Beautiful, Donna! I love the shadows in the second photo. Happy 2021 to you, and to some great photos in the new year!

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