Mr & Mrs Cardinal


I just loved that this male Northern Cardinal allowed me to take a series of photos of it singing its heart out at sunrise when I arrived at the refuge.


Northern Cardinal (male)


The Mrs stayed hidden while he sang, but she gave me some chances a couple hours later as I passed back by their living area at the end of my hike.


Northern Cardinal (female)


(Taken March 1, 2021, at the 10,000 Islands NWR, Florida)



32 thoughts on “Mr & Mrs Cardinal

  1. We have a new male Cardinal visiting our new home and we are thrilled, so I especially loved this series!

  2. We have several males and females that have been hanging out in our yard for months. They are a joy to watch every day. And their song is very distinctive.

  3. Great captures Donna, it was extra good that you saw the female later. I find it interesting how in each different specie either the male or the female tend to be shy and stay out of sight while the other partner will come up close for a look.

  4. You know something freaky/interesting I noticed my last two stays in the panhandle? Panhandle Cardinals have a slightly different song than our Northern Cardinals. Does this mean Cardinals have regional accents?

  5. What a lovely pair! I do think the males are designed to be flashy solely to keep our eyes off the females… She really blends in to her surroundings. Great captures!

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