Five On The Wing – #9


Coming or going, birds are amazing in flight.  Even if ‘from behind’.  πŸ˜‰

So without further adieu, here are five ‘butt’ shots that I thought turned out pretty and created interesting compositions.


DSC_5059-1 2521

Glossy Ibis “My Shadow”


DSC_8195-1 111420

Tricolored Heron “Twinkle Toes”


DSC_6169-1 32721

Bald Eagle “Low & Swift”


DSC_4638-1 12521

Crested Caracara “Takin’ A Hard Turn”


DSC_4174-1 21421

American White Pelican “Feet Illumination”


(All photos taken in Florida; exception Bald Eagle, taken in Maryland)



36 thoughts on “Five On The Wing – #9

  1. Wow Donna. Each one of these birds are gems to see, uncommon sightings for most of us. I’ve never seen a bald eagle fly so low over anything except water, so a field of grain is unique. And oh how I love seeing caracaras. Your photos here are magnificent, and the last one with the awkward position and light shining through the pelican’s webbed feet is whimsical and beautiful. Wonderful, thank you.

    • Thank you much, Jet, your comments were delightful! Going from us, there can still be some beauty in a bird, eh?!! I did love that pelican’s webbed feet illuminating, it was the start of this five-bird rear theme, I found it wasn’t too hard to find more amongst my flight photos! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Belinda! Those huge White Pelicans are quite comical most the time when landing in wind, I got a whole series of this one really trying to keep somewhat a steady control. The bonus on this one shot was those feet! 😁

  2. My favorite is the Pelican… those backlit feet are fantastic. How can a Pelican be so hilarious and graceful at the same time?

    • Thank you, Gunta! Those pelican feet! 🧑 I instantly loved that shot when I first downloaded it. Yes, both! It was like a big jet coming in, fighting the wind for control! πŸ˜ƒ

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