More Backyard Feathered Friends

With Spring abounding more and more each visit to our lot, some birds I’ve photographed have now migrated north after having wintered here, some have newly arrived to spend the summer, and others are year-round residents.

Here are a couple species taken several weeks ago that have now left for their migration north.

DSC_5324-1 32021

Greater Scaup
(I believe “Greater” because the males’ heads shine iridescence green, a “Lesser” shines purple.)


DSC_5318-1 32021

Ruddy Duck (female)


And here are three bird species that have arrived this Spring.

DSC_6503-1 41321

Eastern Bluebird taking over our neighbor’s Purple Martin house


DSC_2754-1 41621



DSC_6680-1 5121

Canada Goose Goslings
(these may be year-round residents too 🙂 )


And finally, here are three photos of birds that live here year-round.

DSC_5559-1 32621

Bald Eagle mated pair across the creek


DSC_5458-1 32521songsparrow

Song Sparrow


DSC_6148-1 32721

Belted Kingfisher


One more photo, a quick shot taken enroute one of the days of a pair of domestic Pekin ducks, too cute not to include…..well, they were quite obliging with that fence! 😏

DSC_5255-1 31421

Pekin Ducks

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