Glossy Ibis Gallery


These are the last of my favorites of the Glossy Ibis from this past winter.Β  Such a gorgeous bird when the sunlight catches their feathers iridescent colors.

I have a fondness too of catching their water drips after a head dive for food.


DSC_5556-1 2521

Glossy Ibis “Water Drips I”


DSC_5045-1 2521

Glossy Ibis “Water Drips II”


DSC_6928-1 21121

Glossy Ibis “Water Drips III”


DSC_3009-1 3121

Glossy Ibis “Silhouette I”


DSC_3008-1 3121

Glossy Ibis “Silhouette II”


DSC_2937-1 3121

Glossy Ibis and Blue-winged Teal (male)


DSC_5544-1 2521

Glossy Ibis “Reflection”


DSC_4979-1 2521

Glossy Ibis “All Shook Up”


DSC_3005-1 3121

Glossy Ibis “In The Shade”



61 thoughts on “Glossy Ibis Gallery

  1. Thank you Donna, a nice collection of pictures. Your silhouettes stand out a little extra, not to mention how you captured the metallic sheen of the fethers in the shade.

  2. Wonderful images Donna, the glossy ibis is such a beautiful bird and the silhouettes are gorgeous too πŸ’›

  3. Love the silhouettes as well as in the light with those shiny feathers. You have shown us why you like the drips, too. Nice series, even with the Blue-winged Teal “photobombing” the one shot making for a nice pair of ripples in the water.

    • Thank you very much, Ellen! First I couldn’t find Glossies, then they were popping up everywhere. I was always working on them when they would get up closer to me. So happy I did!

  4. Utterly amazing shots catching the iridescent colors so well! Not an easy thing to do… trust me, I’ve tried… and failed! 😞

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