The Bigger Birds at Indiana Dunes NP


My previous two posts shared the smaller birds I recently captured on the Great Marsh Trail at Indiana Dunes NP.  Here are the bigger birds from that same walk that are my favorites.


DSC_7105-1 51621

Red-winged Blackbird (male)


DSC_5602-1 51621

American Robin


DSC_7132-1 51621

Northern Cardinal (male)


DSC_7093-1 51621

Mourning Dove


DSC_7103-1 51621

Great Egret


DSC_6950-1 51621

Mute Swans


DSC_6979-1 51621

Mute Swans (same pair)


DSC_6926-1 51621

Sandhill Crane


Feeling already elated with more than I could have imagined and fingers crossed I accomplished some great shots, the Sandhill Crane was an awesome bonus as I was leaving. 😃

I will be sharing another action post with that Sandhill Crane who ventured around a little too close to the nesting area of a pair of Red-winged Blackbirds.  And we all know Red-wings are territorial!


34 thoughts on “The Bigger Birds at Indiana Dunes NP

  1. Great shots, as usual, Makes me sorry I never visited them when we lived west of Chicago decades ago!

  2. Wonderful photos! And how great that was to see the Sandhill Crane. I can remember seeing redwing blackbirds go after great egrets at Blackwater from the observation deck, so can imagine how they would behave around a sandhill crane.

  3. Though close-ups are nice, even spectacular, I do enjoy wider shots showing birds in their habitat such as these. They are lovely! Oh, I went back to my free account. the other was too confusing.

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