American Robins


Whew, we’ve been on the go the last few days!  I had these American Robin photos processed just before, so I’ll present those.  🙂

There’s a nice walking/biking path around the campground, and there are Robins everywhere.  I liked this shot of an adult American Robin lit with the evening sun.


DSC_7411-1 61121

American Robin (adult)


I found this fledgling on the sidewalk part of the path.

It did not want to move and just stood there looking at me.

I took a few more steps.  Still not moving…..and now giving me the dare stare.  🤨


DSC_7444-1 61121

American Robin (teenager 😉 )


DSC_7449-1 61121

American Robin close-up


You should have seen me standing there talking to coax it to move on so I could pass through.  😅 Finally, it flew off!


34 thoughts on “American Robins

  1. I think of robins about like mallard ducks – so plentiful that we take them for granted, but on a closer look, they really are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I love the ‘teenager’!

  2. Aren’t they the cutest, Donna? We have had a number of fledglings in the yard and it has been fun watching them. Even though they can feed themselves, they continue to beg for food as long as the adults will react. 🙂

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