Spearfish Canyon


One of the scenic byways in the Black Hills follows the canyon bottom of Spearfish Canyon.  Towering limestone cliffs, a waterfall, and a rushing mountain stream keep you company along the 19-mile drive.

Here’s some of the beauty I captured along the way from our cruises through the canyon.


DSC_7661-1 6821


DSC_7585-1 6821 Bridal Veil Falls SD

Bridal Veil Falls


DSC_7598-1 6821


DSC_7665-1 6821

Spearfish Creek


Spearfish Creek is a fly fishing paradise and holds one of the best populations of wild rainbow trout in the Black Hills.


DSC_7626-1 6821


DSC_7351-1 6821


DSC_7606-1 6821


DSC_7660-1 6821


42 thoughts on “Spearfish Canyon

    • Thank you, Hien! When we visited before for a week, it was just not enough time, there is so much to see. That was the reason we planned for several weeks in South Dakota this time.

    • Thank you, Barbara! I loved the clear water, we could even see wild rainbow trout swimming. I just needed a fly fishing pole! I wish we could have gotten closer to the waterfall but we could hear it, so wonderful!

    • Thanks, Eliza! No, not hot at all. The weather was gorgeous the month of June in SD. We have rolled on further west and are in MT now, and boy oh boy it is hot here. At least there’s no east coast high humidity so it is bearable to us. We’ll head north to get out of it in another week. πŸ™‚

  1. We really like Spearfish Canyon and been there many times – in fact, I think I have the exact same shot as your last one. They have some wonderful waterfalls as well. Thanks for bringing back some good memories.

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