Series: Take A Moment and Enjoy A Sunset


A storm cell brushed past and missed us thankfully, as it was a doozy to the south.  I took this behind our campground when the sunset was giving a glow at the edge of the storm.


DSC_7726-1 6821

Edge of the Storm at Sunset over Centennial Valley


This post ends my South Dakota photos.  We’ve rolled on to adventure in Montana and work our way towards Glacier National Park.

Good night, South Dakota…..


40 thoughts on “Series: Take A Moment and Enjoy A Sunset

  1. Beautiful sunset. I remember those western storms and sunsets. On a trip in 1983 with our kids and our sailboat to sail in a regatta at Flathead Lake, MN we stopped in Bozeman overnight and as we ate dinner in a Burger King we watched a humungous black cloud and thunderstorm approaching through the windows. It was as if the world was coming to an end. Enjoy Montana!

    • Thank you, Susan! They are wild looking and seems like every one that we’ve encountered has a bit of hail each time. 😦 Not used to that on the east coast. I am going to be upset if hail messes up my car before we get home. 🤨

  2. Donna, thanks for sharing your South Dakota sunset. My wife and I just returned a few weeks ago from our own journey from Ohio to Montana. We hadn’t traveled for nearly two years.

  3. Oh, that’s gorgeous and so dramatic! I thoroughly enjoyed your South Dakota series and I’m looking forward to seeing what you see in Montana and Glacier NP. It’s in my top 3 National Parks.

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