White-tailed Deer Family


At the Billings, Montana, campground we were at several weeks ago, our site was at one end with concrete boundary barriers to unwalkable woods.  Often, we would have a family of white-tailed deer hanging around the barriers, some times coming over them to eat the grass.


DSC_7827-1 62921

White-tailed Deer – Buck “Dad”


DSC_7839-1 62921

White-tailed Deer – Doe ‘Mom’


DSC_0210-1 71021

White-tailed Deer – Fawn ‘Cutie’
(who was scolded by Mom and chased back over the barrier immediately)


Because we were more alone at our end, they would wander around, ever so cautiously.  Anyone coming around on the road, whether vehicle, person, or dogs, and the deer would launch over the barriers and disappear.


Yes, I took too many photos of the deer. 😏  I had the most fun watching the doe feed on tree leaves.


DSC_7933-1 63021

White-tailed Deer (doe)


DSC_7927-1 63021

White-tailed Deer (doe)


Wow, she could really stretch her neck!



DSC_7926-2 63021



DSC_7906-1 63021


DSC_7911-1 63021

“I do love these leaves!”

DSC_7912-1 63021



DSC_7913-1 63021

“And that’s the truth!” –  pffffffft


47 thoughts on “White-tailed Deer Family

  1. I love how they look when they jump. My parents get deer in their backyard and they don’t seem to be bothered too much by humans. But if the dog gets let out those deer are gone in a flash.

    • I saw a lot of jumping, and just loved seeing that gorgeous white tail. They were a bit leery of humans, but oh boy, when someone was walking a dog, they took off too! That’s probably why the female’s jumping here. 🙂

    • Thank you, Eliza! I feel for you, I know they are bittersweet visitors. I can imagine they just stand there & look at you if you shew them, your garden is way too enticing. I know I don’t want them in your beautiful garden! 😉

  2. I love these pictures Donna. And coincidentally just yesterday I was at CBEC and while walking the trail had a staring contest with a doe who came out of the brush. Then she took off, running just like the deer in your photos. It got me wondering is that is where the expression ‘high tail it out of here’ came from. I actually googled the expression and apparently some people feel that was the origin but others feel it is more a western expression derived from the wild mustangs. I prefer the deer as the source. What about you?

    • Thank you, Gunta, so glad to make you laugh! I agree on the quiet end. This was also why I was able to get so many Yellow Warbler shots, no one would venture over to the barriers and entangled woods……but me and those sunshiny birds. 🙂

  3. I don’t think you took too many pictures of the deer — I love them! (My favorite animal since childhood deer encounters…) I love the ones of the doe feeding on the tree leaves. This is the first I’ve seen the underside of their pretty necks and chins. Sigh… Thank you so much for sharing these, Donna! 💙

    • Thank you, Barbara! I know they can be destructive, but I do love seeing them too. I may have 3-4 dozen photos of the doe eating leaves and stretching, they must have tasted pretty good. She cleaned off all the ones she could get. 🙂

  4. You can never see too many deer! I think of it as good luck each time I do spy one. Especially love the fawn. Kids, never quite doing what they are supposed to….;-)

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