American Robin at Logan Pass


Wildlife sightings in Glacier National Park were scarce for me, including birds.  I imagine they were sheltering as necessary to avoid the smoke.

Throughout the entire park, my only bird capture was at Logan Pass’ 6,646 ft (2025 m) of an American Robin foraging amongst the wildflowers in the distance.

I’ll be honest, I surely wasn’t expecting a robin!


DSC_1213-1 72721

American Robin


After finding something ‘good’, the robin took flight, probably to head back to a hungry youngster nearby.  😊


DSC_1201-1 72721

American Robin


More of Glacier National Park to come!

P.S.  My posts and blog reading is sporadic now as we’re on the road again!  A recent massive mudslide onto I-70 that crosses the Rocky Mountains has closed a 46-mile stretch on the interstate indefinitely, thwarting our next two destination plans to Grand Junction and Colorado Springs.  Trying to reschedule dates is impossible last minute, everywhere is booked.  So we’ve decided to take our time and make our way home over the next couple weeks.  I know getting home earlier than previously planned will make three grandboys real happy!  Post cards and videochats with Grammy just isn’t the same….  😉


37 thoughts on “American Robin at Logan Pass

    • I love robins and don’t give them enough post space, so I loved finding this one where I did. 🙂 Thanks, Simon, after the past 1 1/2 years with covid and the U.S. political chaos/BS, I am so thankful we’ve been very fortunate to have traveled remotely, so I can’t complain at all, this trip has been amazing!! And you can count on me looking for wildlife as we meander our way back. Even if it’s in a tree in the campground. 😉

  1. Wow – all that way for a American Robin! How ironic~ I’m sorry that you are having to cut your trip short. I remember I-70 out in that area and it is drop dead gorgeous, but it is easy to picture how a mudslide could happen. I’m sure that throws all the locals off about as much as having one of our bridges here shut down.

  2. I’m sorry to hear about the mudslide on I-70 interrupting your itinerary. But, there’s a silver lining that will take you to your three boys grandkids. Enjoy them! 🙂

  3. You are going to be so close to where we used to live in Colorado. We used to travel that patch of I-70 that is closed due to the mudslide. Wave for me if you drive past Eagle, Co. 😊

    • You used to live at the top of the world, I didn’t know! 😉 And in “Eagle”, that is cool! 🦅 I had to fully cancel the Grand Junction and Colorado Springs reservations because we would have had to go all way around to another interstate, backtracking from Grand Junction to get to Colorado Springs. I had read the back road detours around the mudslide itself are not recommended for anyone towing over 21′, we’re 73′ long total. Trying to change dates just didn’t work out. But I’ll wave to you now from Wyoming! 🙋‍♀️ Hi, Irene! 😊

      • Oh, I love Wyoming. Will you be anywhere close to Medicine Bow National Forest? Smart move to change your plans. Have fun. 😊

        • I remember seeing ‘entering’ and ‘leaving’ signs for Medicine Bow NF but we were at the top of it crossing on I-80. I do know crossing I-80 from Utah to Wyoming was pretty awesome, both the grades and the sights! 😊

          • My hubby just left Wyoming yesterday. He might have flown right over you after taking off from Saratoga. 😊

  4. I didn’t know you had planned to visit Colorado Springs on this trip, Donna. Sorry to hear about your change of plans, but the I-70 closure has been a big headache. I hope your bird sightings will pick up again soon.
    Safe travels,

    • Thank you, Tanja! For anyone living around the mudslide area, I cannot imagine the dilemmas they have for weeks still to come. The chance for more to happen is real too. I-70 is like a ‘bridge’ across the Rockies, being out is a true headache for many. 😦

  5. Can’t go wrong with a Robin. Sorry your trip got cut short, Donna, but glad to read above that overall the trip was a winner. With all the uncertainty of travel right now that’s more than a win. I hope you have a good trip home, and see some new sights along the way.

    • No, you can’t! 🙂 I think the smoke has done us in, tired of the burning eyes and smell, no sense in going to the next destination that has the same thing. We were thinking too about the uncertainty of travel and restrictions again that might be upcoming. There is a lot going on at home that needs our attention, and I am really missing my grandboys. Cannot wait to see them! 😍 It was a great ride, we’ll trickle back for another week or so. Got our eye on Fred, may let him pass up and out before we continue.

      • I can see that would wear you down, especially with all the other issues swirling around. Good idea on waiting for Fred, and then ahead of Grace, following right behind. 🙃 I bet those boys were happy to find out you’ll be back soon! Safe travels 😃

  6. Bummer… I couldn’t put a ‘like’ to that! So sorry the fires messed up your plans. It just struck me that the Rockies seem to toss all sorts of challenges your way. That’s not at all nice. It’s probably for the best though, because fire season isn’t anywhere near going away anytime soon… unless there’s some ungodly monsoon that pops up unexpectedly. ​But grandbabies certainly do make a superb consolation. 😄

    Wishing you safe and happy travels!
    [So sorry you couldn’t add some more Western birds to your list! 😢]

    • Thank you for wishes, all is good, we are excited to get home! But whew, we made it pass the wildfire that shut down I-80 out of Utah. We’re in Missouri now, we’ve got our eye on TS Fred, don’t want to drive in rain for the balance of our trip, we may hang in Indiana until it passes. I’ve been birding the campgrounds……Kansas treated me well! 😉 🤗 Got to finish Glacier NP photos first….

  7. Any day that includes a Robin is a good day!
    It certainly sounds like you’re having a wonderful trip. We certainly appreciate you sharing parts of it with all of us!

  8. I am surprised that was your only sighting. Of course wildlife has a lot of territory to roam and hide out there. When traveling it is often hard to know the best places to go whether it’s for sunrise/sunset or wildlife viewing. I see robins here all year round but not as often as Back East.

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